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... n eat whatever he wants even spicy stuff...hes a totally changed man...i am going to try it soon...trying to give the tecta a chance to work,,but he stopped ppis cold turkey and never had any rebound or anything...look up propolis it is shown to help with most stomach probs.cancer a whole bunch of stuff.... ... (18 replies)
Acid Rebound? Help
Jun 15, 2012
... It's been about 5 or 6 weeks now since I cut the PPI cold turkey without any knowledge of what acid rebound was. I can honestly say it was a living nightmare of pain. ... (65 replies)
... since I stopped omeprazole cold turkey and boy has it been a roller coaster at times. But rose, you were right all along. Things are so much better now. ... (14 replies)

... When I quit I had problems for about a week - popped a lot of Tums to control it. The rebound went away and I was soon in the same state I started in. Now to try to get better... (8 replies)
... so I'm not sure of your exact timeline. You quit on Aug 6 cold turkey taking Zantac for some time? ... (8 replies)
... Thank you so much for posting your experience. I quit Prilosec cold turkey 8 weeks ago and still suffering although I never suffered before the doc put me on Prilosec 2 years ago. ... (113 replies)
... I don't remember having this when I did cold turkey earlier this year. ... (27 replies)
... I know you shouldn't quit these meds cold turkey but what do you do if the side effects are troubling? ... (27 replies)
... I have an idea that could work for a lot of people trying to wean themselves off of omeprazole. I'm on omeprazole 20 mg/day, have been taking it for about 8 months. I can't seem to get off this stuff either – my stomach comes back like a volcano every time after 5-10 days. First 2 times I tried were “cold turkey”, then after some searching learned about "acid rebound" and... (113 replies)
... When u quit zantac was that cold turkey? ... (24 replies)
... Strange thing is I don't have any burning in my stomach problems at all. Even when I did the "cold turkey" in January I had no problems. Just burning in the sternum and into my throat. I'm still doing an every other day regimen. I have noticed a lot of post nasal drainage since cutting down on the pills and have read that this is a related problem and... (24 replies)
... Hello Rose, I wanted to thank you for your detailed posts and I do appreciate the fact that you are following this through until the end so that other members can find out the outcome after a period of time, rather than just at the beginning of their journey. I have been taking Nexium for almost 3 years, 40mg 1 x day. It worked very well for my heartburn. I had been... (110 replies)
... Hi, everyone, I just found this thread, and I can't believe I didn't realize what I was putting in my body for the last few years. I was diagnosed with acid reflux 5 years ago, and was put on ranitidine (Zantac) for a month. After the month was up, my symptoms returned. I was prescribed with another month (higher dose) with the doctor suggesting I move to omeprazole (Prilosec)... (110 replies)
... I thought I'd provide a quick update on my divorce (from PPIs). About 3 weeks ago now I had a GI virus and took nothing at all over the course of a weekend. After this "cold turkey" stop I decided to not go back on the omeprazole and see what happened. So far, so good. No big acid rebound, although I may be refluxing and not noticing it. There are times when I feel a... (110 replies)
... l of it. I was really angry after I was given the 2nd antidepressant that I was just going to stop taking everything altogether. I read about people quitting ADs cold turkey and decided against it lol. I want to be off of them soon though. ... (110 replies)
... I hate to sound negative but there is no wheening yourself off because you have to get back on as soon as the symtoms come back and they will come back.Sorry I have had AR since 2004. (9 replies)
... Did you go off of the PPI cold turkey or did you wheen yourself off? ... (9 replies)
... ing...for someone or anyone who has taken these meds as long as I have and gotten off them daily just having to take them on occasion. That is my goal. I guess cold turkey is not the best way to do things. I knew that. ... (28 replies)
... I've been off antacids of any kind for 2 weeks. First 7 days were horrible. Right now I'm back at the point I was when I was taking H2's every day. Only now I don't have those horrible dreams I had when I was taking Pepcid Complete every day. I can now go to sleep knowing I will probably not dream, and if I do it won't be Friday the 13th. (9 replies)
... oh i'm sorry - but 7 days is still only 7 days - it may take quite awhile to balance out. keep the faith. keep affirming health - your body is listening. (9 replies)

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