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... hi scott, i wonder if it really matters for the test if you eat 'normal' foods or not - the point is to pick up reflux. and reflux shouldn't be happening no matter what you eat. in my case, i had the bravo capsule and my throat and esophagus were on fire the whole 48 hours of the test. i was certain i had a huge problem with acid but then the results showed NO reflux. ... (9 replies)
... thanks for the advice snowflake. 3rd day off of PPIs here and my stomach still feels really raw and burns especially when I eat. Its definitely not used to having this much acid production! I hope I can make it 4 more days until my test. I just want to be able to eat normal foods so the test has accuracte results. I may have to force myself to eat. (9 replies)
... hmm, yes, i think its probably rebound. you may feel worse for a little while and it may take a few days for your system to settle down. it's gotten used to being suppressed, but should rebalance. in the meantime, try eating some extra salad greens and try taking some calcium pills - they help buffer acid, but take them with food. i sure wish you wellness. let us know how... (9 replies)

... taking PPI. Twenty days after taking ozepran I started having intense cough, rhinitis for first time in my life, voice hoarseness apart form the side effects of PPI such as headaches and bone pains. I rushed to the hospital due to the cough and I was spitting a green yellowish liquid which was bile. ... (5 replies)
... At the ENT, they conducted a laryngoscopy and said everything looked fine and that my throat was just a bit sore. My ENT prescribed me a stronger PPI Omeprezole 40mg, since I was complaining that recently the throat soreness seemed to be getting worse. ... (3 replies)
... I had a bad stomach bug last year and had to take antibiotics for ten days. At no point was I told to not take the PPI that I was still taking back then. ... (2 replies)
... Then I was told not to take the PPI for 10 days prior to my second Endoscopy.... ... (4 replies)
... I actually had a visit with my GI doc today. As we've done many times before, I discussed the PPI issue again. Each time, I come away feeling better about my choice to stay on them. ... (11 replies)
... Last time I was here I was posting I was successfully weaning myself off a PPI by opening the capsule and consuming less of the contents over a period.... ... (0 replies)
... BecPPIhater, I am so sorry you are going through some rough times. I am impressed by how determined and strong you are and that you went cold turkey with the meds. ... (206 replies)
Blue cheese???
Apr 8, 2016
... How long do the rebound symptoms usually last if you go cold turkey? ... (7 replies)
... I read the success stories but could not never tell if these folks went cold turkey off the PPI and started to take the Betaine or were they taking it while on the PPI and then went off the PPI. ... (1 replies)
Acid Rebound? Help
May 17, 2012
... If you are using a PPI, do not get off them cold turkey or you will probably experience rebound. Start gradually reducing the dose and supplement with Zantac or another H2 blocker as you gradually get off the PPI. ... (65 replies)
... know if it's the alkaline diet or the enzymes or what but I hope I continue on this road. My diet consists of lots of veggies, fruit, nuts, seeds and a little turkey and fish. I'm also gluten free for the most part and stay away from sugar and any processed foods. ... (10 replies)
... I was to see my GP last week and she said to try Zantac 300mg at night and if that doesn't work then go to a PPI for a few weeks to heal. Now, I am so stressed over this. I don't want to start a PPI again because I fear I will not be able to go back off them. ... (3 replies)
... ict low fat diet and avoided foods that could loosen the LES. I also made sure to elevate my bed and to wait three hours before bedtime. I tried stopping Nexium cold turkey and substituted Nexium with Zantec, digestive enzymes, and Align. ... (91 replies)
... Stretch1one- What were you suffering from? Gerd or Lpr? My symptoms were just lump in throat, ear pressure and slight sore throat. I had a bout of it last year and managed to heal it on protonix 1x a day for only 8 days and that was it! I have never experienced heartburn before in all my life. 10 days into the protonix this time around has been different. Once I took my... (4 replies)
... Two protonix a day for 11 days dr prescribe these PPI 's but tell you how hard harse they are on your body also trying to stop cold turkey is the most of your problem Your dr should have started you on just I e a day then increased if needed you need to tamper yourself off any PPI you need atleast 4 to 5 days of 1 a day then even after that one every other day for another 6... (4 replies)
... Hi Rebecca, sorry you are here, also going through this hard journey. It is ok to cry. It is good to cry. If you have someone who will hold your hand and just let you cry, you will feel better afterwards. It doesn't take the pain away, but it does make it easier to deal with if you can allow yourself to feel pain. Tears are a good way to heal pain. Thinking of you while... (206 replies)
... Two weeks ago I went cold turkey off my ppi Protonix. ... (206 replies)

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