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Acid Reflux
Mar 7, 2013
... Hello I am also suffering because of acid reflux. ... (4 replies)
Just acid reflux??
Feb 12, 2009
... Your symptoms could very well be acid reflux. First of all, throat cancer and Barrett's esophagus are very rare so it's unlikely that's what's causing your problem. ... (2 replies)
... The instructions provided on OTC Prevacid and Prilosec are primarily intended for treating mild, occasional acid reflux without the advice of a physician. ... (6 replies)

Acid Reflux
Jan 11, 2013
... I see from your post that you're having a wretched time. Getting the medication right for acid reflux seems to take some time. I've tried all the proton pump inhibitors before finding the right one. I have a sympathetic doctor who listens and works with me. ... (4 replies)
... I also have nocturnal acid reflux. I've had my bed raised 16 inches for my acid reflux. It wasn't enough, I now sleep sitting straight up. Its the only way I can keep from getting severe chest pain. ... (42 replies)
... inches to help with my acid reflux. He said just raising my head with pillows or using a wedge are not as effective because they through the esophogus out of allignment. I found some blocks to raise my bed 5 inches. ... (5 replies)
... What you describe sounds like acid reflux. You need to see a doctor and get some treatment. In the meantime you could try some lifestyle changes. ... (3 replies)
... You can still suffer from it despite taking all the measures ie avoiding food triggers, raising the head of the bed, smaller meals, not eating late, no tight clothes and losing weight if appropriate... ... (1 replies)
... What you describe sounds like acid reflux. You need to see a doctor and get some treatment. In the meantime you could try some lifestyle changes. ... (3 replies)
... inches off the ground will keep the acid from going into the esophagus. It has really really helped me, and might help some of you. Try it out. ... (1 replies)
... I've had issues with a hoarse voice for a few years now, really bad the past several months. I am self employed in sales so I need my voice, and can't afford a dr visit right now, and quite honestly.. ... (5 replies)
... nown then what i know now about PPI's i never would have taken them...they are very hard to get off of even only after a few months.i find stress is a BIG factor for me most of the time..but then sometimes it just comes out of the blue as well as the lump in the throat feeling..... ... (13 replies)
... hiatal hernia for about 25 yrs. At first I just took Mylanta or something similar until I just gagged on it one day. ... (3 replies)
Raising your bed
Dec 19, 2004
... My Dr said I need to have the bed raised at least 6 to 8 inches do to my acid reflux, meds still are not doing the trick yet and with barrett's I'm getting scared. the cells have not changed and I want to keep it that way. ... (1 replies)
... What you have sounds like acid reflux to me. PPIs can take a while to work so keep taking them. Can you get hold of some Gaviscon to take as well? ... (1 replies)
... can also increase acid secretion. Chocolate and caffeine are definitely triggers for me. ... (1 replies)
... I daresay I would be amazed if any medical doctor would admit that low acid may be our problem, because they have a book in which they look up symptoms and then offer the drug that was created for that symptom. Don't get me wrong. ... (19 replies)
... I appreciate what you say but most physical problems will heal if we allow our bodies to do its stuff. The right conditions need to be created within ourselves to enable healing to happen. Eating the wrong food will stiffly the process. To enable healing on this level most food need to be raw or very lightly steamed, very little protein and the correct fats. I know... (23 replies)
... It's good you're taking notes re foods that bother you Classical triggers are Chocolate Mints Coffee Alcohol Fatty foods Spicy foods Tomato based foods Onions (1 replies)
... Sometimes a change in diet can help, like no fatty foods, alcohol, caffeine can be a culprit. Also do not eat before going to bed for a couple of hours. ... (7 replies)

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