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... i have major hormonal imbalances and it is a huge factor behind my reflux, hey, it sounds like you got a great food allergy test... ... (3 replies)
... c i have a lengthy history with depression and anxiety. ... (7 replies)
... Did you doctors tell you your GERD was the result of anxiety, or were you told you had anxiety because of how horrible it is to deal with GERD? ... (19 replies)

... For me the anxiety came first. I have been so much stress in my life that that the anxiety kept on building. ... (14 replies)
... I bet it's just acid reflux with a combination of anxiety. I get that a lot until I started to eat less, eat more slowley and make sure I chew my food more before swalloing. I think I had a tendancy, when I was really hungry, to just engulf my food and would have these symptoms. ... (3 replies)
... ne. Most Local Anethisea used in dental offices has epinephren in it. This is basiucally the same thing as getting one hell of a dose of adrenaline. Adrenaline and panic attacks go hand in hand. From some of the symptoms you are describing. ... (32 replies)
... Stress and anxiety can cause so many different symptoms. ... (3 replies)
... I also have panic attacks and anxiety and reflux. ... (13 replies)
... I'm retired and try not to not focus too much on it. Your right being busy at work or doing other things is helpful. Anxiety can make reflux worse so sitting and thinking about it isn't helping. ... (11 replies)
... I just want to say how much I sympathize with all of you here...I have watched my son suffer with constant nausea and pain for at least 6 years, maybe longer. He is 17 yrs old, and has every test there is. ... (14 replies)
... We would be such the pair. For me, I have been CT'd and xrayed too much. ... (7 replies)
... Okay so for about 4 weeks now i have all the symptoms of Acid Reflux and an Ulcer. I'm on Prilosec 20mg for about 4 weeks. Not sure if its having any effect or actually making me feel worse? ... (2 replies)
... and the food just sits there and causes the acid reflux. He advised for me to eat smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day but it doesn't really seem to be helping. ... (4 replies)
... LPR, and sinus symptoms are often connected. ... (4 replies)
LPR and Anxiety
Mar 3, 2006
... PPIs a day. Specifically, start with the cadillac of the PPIs, Nexium. If you respond to this treatment, then your quality of life will improve, and you have nothing to lose. You'd also know for sure that you have LPR or some kind of reflux happening. ... (9 replies)
LPR and Anxiety
Mar 2, 2006
... I took 40mg of nexium and protonix for 3 months without any improvement of my sore throat. I then doubled my dosage and my symptoms have gotten a lot better. So it's possible you do have LPR and still not respond to ppis if the dosage is too low. ... (9 replies)
... I also have this happen many times, and I know exactly what palpitations feel like. You heart kind of makes thud in your chest, and feels as if it's skipped a beat, and it sometimes makes you cough when it happens. But... ... (5 replies)
... On the opposite end of the specturm from the above post. I have been put on Prilosec and some anti anxiety drugs. Alprazolam and Zoloft. ... (20 replies)
... is not an option for me. The vertigo is debilitating and brings my mild anxiety problems to a new level. ... (7 replies)
... Dan, taking Lansoprazole caused me most of the symptoms you describe, including muscle and bone pain and jaw pain and a general feeling of unwellness and anxiety... and I do not normally suffer from anxiety. ... (8 replies)

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