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... Been to three emergency rooms, was told in each of them that it was a gas problem. Finally asked a gastroenterologist, he said that it's 'stress' and gas causing it. ... (3 replies)
... I was diagnosed with GERD about 3 years ago. I was getting dizzy spells, chest pains, lump in throat with lots of mucus and shortness of breath,but never heart burn. My family doctor did every test they could then sent me to the cardiologist, he did more tests. All test where ok. ... (0 replies)
... I have been suffering with gerd symptom going on 3 years. Nothing helps me. ... (10 replies)

... "They say (anxiety causes illness/illness causes anxiety)" that is true... I cannot eat apples at all as they cause dreadful wind/pain. The only way I can eat apples is in "Apple Sauce" like you would put on pork. I don't eat any citrus fruit either for same reason. Mostly eat Blue-berries, pears, strawberries, cherries or plums. Solofelix (29 replies)
... Hi so sorry for ur situation. Hopeu get better soon. I am in the samesituation too. Last year, in the attempt of loosing weight I made a stupid decition. I had a full day fasting dr7nk7ng only water. Surprisingly lost 2 pounds in a day. I did the same the next day. ... (29 replies)
What is this?
Mar 16, 2013
... I have been diagnosed with GERD, IBS and a hiatal hernia. When dx a few months ago, I did all the right things, to the point that I was symptomless. ... (0 replies)
... Okay, calm down. Slow deep breaths. You can get better. Yes, many of us have been that bad sometimes. I was. ... (3 replies)
... I really have learned a lot from different websites about this condition, and it seems that everyone has the heartburn, but I dont. ... (12 replies)
Silent GERD?
Feb 21, 2010
... I'm so glad to finally find this board. I've spent so much time researching GERD in the last few weeks that I now know researching GERD can give you more GERD!! But hearing others experiences makes me feel a little less insane. ... (44 replies)
... Are you sure that your breathing problems are NOT caused by the GERD or some other medical conditions? ... (9 replies)
... My ribs and into my thoat! Is that the feeling with gerd or a hiatal hernia? ... (14 replies)
... For one thing, don't lay down after eating. If the shortness of breath makes you tired, sit, but make sure you sit up straight with good posture. Whether GERD or asthma, lying down flat makes it harder to breathe. ... (18 replies)
... Gerd definitely effects your breathing. I was diagnosed with COPD had a bunch of tests abd found out I had gerd not COPD!!! How does that happen? ... (10 replies)
... I was diagnosed with Gerd about 2 years ago. I believe it is of the LPR variety. ... (2 replies)
... It all started about 2 weeks ago with about 4 days of crazy constipation which came with a lot of bloating of course. As I was getting that under control, for the next week and a half I started to get all these other symptoms. ... (5 replies)
... I am trying to figure out if I possibly have GERD. My main symptom is shortness of breath which does seem to get worse after eating. Sometimes my throat seems to close up too. My Dr. said that I have General Anxiety Disorder and prescribed Xanaz . ... (8 replies)
Possible GERD
Jul 13, 2006
... I only take .25 mg per day and sometimes not at all. I have not been diagnosed with GERD yet. I was just wondering if shortness of breath is a symptom of that or a hiatal hernia. ... (3 replies)
... Hello, my name is Tanya and I'm 31 and I've been reading this message board since May 2005 when I first found out I had GERD. In fact after reading the sympoms of everyone on here is how I determined that was what I had. ... (9 replies)
Hernia & gerd
Mar 18, 2019
... I was diagnosed with GERD several years ago, along with chronic Rhino and diagnosed with Asthma 5 years before that as a middle aged adult. ... (6 replies)
... Yes seeing gastro at u of m had upper and lower endoscopys he said I had medium hiatus and severe gerd with Barrett's. Did not address my sortness of breath swallowing difficulties and excesive burping and swallowing air. Having another egd in oct to see if it healed any, as I was put on 20mg omprazol. ... (3 replies)

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