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... drastically reducing it may make a world of difference. ... (28 replies)
... OMFG! Im so so soooooo glad i found this thread. Im going to give you the long spill of what im dealing with and i'll be damned if its not like the orginal post. ... (28 replies)
... And you are not alone with the haziness. I feel it everyday. And the shortness of breath of night. The fun thing is that I now have huge coughing fits the following morning. Awesome!!! ... (28 replies)

... I initially went to the doctor with shortness of breath that I only noticed in the evenings. he said he'd found a heart murmur, but ECG was fine. ... (28 replies)
... These are the symptoms I have except the shortness of breath. I was just in the ER last Friday. I have been diagnosed with GERD. I take 2 40mg Nexium a day and 2 Carafate a day. ... (28 replies)
... Hi guys. Search for "LPR" and "GERD" on the internet. LPR is a type of reflux that has very little to no heartburn, but causes shortness of breath etc. I definately have this. I have noticed that when I consume dairy products my symptoms are much worse. ... (28 replies)
... Ok, this might be a little long, but I want to get it all out there. I have been experiencing chest pain for more than a year now. ... (28 replies)
... I was thrilled to read this post as well. Even as I scanned through it the dreadful chest pains, stiff neck, sweating and nausea have started to subside. ... (28 replies)
... Cant tell you all how great it was to find this post. I party very hard but only fri and sat nights mostly and everytime I do the next day my heart pounds, my chest feels constricted, throbbling left side of neck and I get a pain on the left side of my chest which will last at least into the following day then fades. ... (28 replies)
... I havent drank alcohol in a while, but sometimes just getting out of bed or walking from the house to the car my chest hurts so bad and I get out of breath I feel like I am going to pass out. ... (28 replies)
... I was on Nexium and It also made me more bloated, increased my belching and my chest pain due to the excess gas. Over the counter Zantac relieves the burn but increases the belching, Prilosec OTC gave me intense headaches. ... (28 replies)
... I have chest pain near my heart and in my lower left back almost all day, in addition to the other described symptoms. That could be an ulcer? ... (28 replies)
... sharp, dull, vague, uncomfortable, achey, centered chest tightness. I feel it around below sternum as well. ... (31 replies)
... Hello, my first post here but I saw what symptoms were listed and wanted to let everyone know what I found. I also was getting severe pain in my chest mostly on my right side. Real bad pain it would make me roll on the bed. I also would get lightheaded and dizzy unless I ate something. ... (28 replies)
... I saw this as a first time reader and had to write something down as well...I've had a lot of these symptoms as well, and they've all come at different times. Here's a quick rundown...about 2. ... (28 replies)
... I get real bad pains in my chest and the acid is horrible and really hurts me. ... (28 replies)
... nd my symtoms are EXACTLY the same as yours! I am 28 and have partied really hard for the past ten years. When I was in my early 20's I had to go and have a load of tests done because it felt like I had a ball in my pipe when I swallowed, to cut a long story short it turned out to be Hiatal Hernia. ... (28 replies)
... Hi guys. I am also 28 and had a history of abusing alcohol. ... (28 replies)
... I was recently diagnosed with GERD, I can tell you those are my exact symptoms. I have been on Nexium for about a month. I feel a little better but my chest kills me besides the fact that I am always choking on the lump in my throat or the phlegm that feels like glue that I cant hack up. ... (28 replies)
... hi, i just stumbled upon this bored when i wrote in my symptoms of google. ... (28 replies)

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