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... subject though not for some time. I had an aborted hernia repair and nissan fundo in December and await a new date. Like many of you I have always associated the reflux with too much acid being produced but now I am not sure. ... (23 replies)
... So I am finished my last course of tecta now and am feeling reflux some chest and throat burning... ... (6 replies)
... Hello! I've been dealing with stomach and sinus issues for about a year now, with no real relief. ... (6 replies)

My New Regimen
Oct 15, 2011
... elf to change that considering if it fails, then its on to the "next step". So, what I do now is just take a few mouth fulls and then wait a minute. If I feel my stomach already filling up, I cover the bowl or plate and put it in the fridge. You have no idea how difficult it is to do this after years of eating a certain way.. ... (1 replies)
Chills, Bloating
Mar 11, 2011
... at early morning around 2am i woke up having a severe chills without fever that shivers my entire body. i have short breaths and it lasts for about an hour. my stomach is bloating and i feel full then i have nausea. ... (5 replies)
... I was positive my acid reflux was from IBS. ... (0 replies)
... DGL and HCL yes. I have read a good deal about low stomach acid and a lot of my symptoms suggest it is possible or even likely. ... (18 replies)
Gerd :(
Jul 12, 2012
... atever food that didnt have vegetables. 2 mondays ago i was drinking a huge cup of McDonalds Coffee, and felt like my throat was closing up. Then gassyness in my stomach followed. then anxiety. I was very scared and panicked when i was stuck in LA traffic while thinking my throat was closing due to mucus. ... (6 replies)
... I feel bloated, and I feel my stomach is bigger esp the upper ab..I guess that is because of the air inside, is that right? ... (18 replies)
... Rednevac, how are you doin at this point? It has been a few months and I am still struggling with many of the symptoms you cite above. You had any luck? (18 replies)
... Chances are it's just acid reflux, because I have the same symptoms and I have acid reflux. ;) I've also had the wrap done. Anyone who tells you anxiety doesn't cause digestion problems is wrong and you need to see someone else. My doctor is convinced that a lot of my problems are a vicious circle. Anxiety causes me to produce too much acid, I produce too much acid... (3 replies)
... throbbing, and lump in throat. The reason I don't think it's reflux is because PPIs make the symptoms worse. When I take them I get completely bloated and all the symptoms are worse. ... (6 replies)
... NO, you just have to find the right one for your body and sometimes your body takes time to get used to a new drug.. You have to change your diet too, just taking the PPI's will not work completely without a change in diet. (14 replies)
... effects. They make me feel worse than the reflux itself. ... (14 replies)
Bravo procedure
Jul 11, 2013
... BUT, my stomach has been giving me so much discomforts. Every time I eat, I fill very full, bloated, pain in the middle of my chest. ... (0 replies)
... hey guys I need some sort of strong medicne for gerd an gastritis, my stomach fills up with gas all day long it goes to my chest area and sometimes I feel like I am having a hart attack! ... (0 replies)
Mar 21, 2005
... Yes, sometimes this happens to me. But usually if I feel bloated and the food in my stomach is not digesting properly or quickly. ... (7 replies)
... a few doctors that i probably just have bad GERD, I've only ever had mild or temporary relief with PPIs or antacids, though. Today after researching anaemia and stomach ulcers, the symptoms sound uncanny of the full spectrum of symptoms I get in a way I've not seen reading aboutm anxiety or gerd. ... (0 replies)
... ly, the problem is the sphincter that connects your esophagus to your stomach. In everyone else this sphincter opens to release air. Mine won't unless I induce a stomach regurgitation reflex. Its an awful way to dispel the air, but it works. ... (6 replies)
... had some chinese food tonite,,,just a bit of wonton soup, and some rice...and holy crap does ithurt,,,i would say within 10 minutes of eating i felt so full and bloated it was horrible...well it still does...i took a digestive enzyme and a dgl and a pepcid and it still hurts and i feel gross.. ... (6 replies)

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