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... days of the Naproxen the swelling was completely gone but I had developed a horrid case of Gastritis. It was absolutely unbearable. The pain radiated up from my stomach all the way to my esophagus and to my throat. ... (0 replies)
... Constipation is caused by eating a high protein unbalanced diet. You feel bloating because you're trying to eat more of the same while being constipated. ... (1 replies)
... s again, where I sent all day in the bathroom feeling like I was going to vomit, but didn't. I have Kaiser, so I messaged my doctor and told him I might have the stomach flu, he said to give it a few more days and if the symptoms didn't go away, to message him. ... (1 replies)

... One night I went to lay down in bed. Suddenly, my left arm felt like it hurt a little bit, like it was stiff or numbing feel, and then following that I started Burping a lot and couldn't catch my breath. ... (1 replies)
... it was quite a forceful blow and hurt tremendously I immediately felt incredibly nauseous and my work sent me to the ER. I got a CT and they said everything was okay and sent me home. ... (0 replies)
... ME for a severe sinus infection. It has gotten better, but very slowly. I have no diarrhea or vomitting at all. I only have one normal BM each day. I do get gas, stomach bloating, and stomach pain that moves around. ... (4 replies)
... HI ! The part of your post about the "lower abdominal both left and right side" is why I suggested a colonoscopy. I misunderstood the area you were describing. The prep is not much fun, I agree. I got so hungry, but making trips to the bathroom keeps your mind off the hunger for the most part. :jester: I hope you feel better soon. Ish (4 replies)
... I have a similar problem. I get eosophegeal spasms, tight throat, and bloating in the stomach. My stomach becomes bloated and I cannot take a deep breath. I think a lot of my problems can be attributed to a bad habbit of repeated deep breathing. ... (14 replies)
... neck pain, sore tongue at times, headache, flush, hot face, stomach ache at night, bloating, fatigue......... I have no Heartburn. I think it's LPR. ... (14 replies)
... I'm so glad I found this forum! About a two years ago I was experiencing a flemmy, dry, scratchy throat, and it would hurt so bad sometimes I would get bad headaches. My doctor sent me to a allergist and he found out I was allergic to dust mites, but also thought I had acid reflux. ... (0 replies)
Reflux Part I
May 25, 2007
... to cure the symptom and you make the cause worse. Acid reflux is caused by pressure on your stomach, this constant pressure causes the muscle on the top of your stomach to eventually fail. Remove the pressure and your stomach will return back to normal. ... (6 replies)
... ness of breath ensued. Sometimes my chest felt tight, other times I could draw a breath but not quite "catch" it. It's a sensation like there's a balloon in my stomach that keeps filling with air no matter how much I belch out, and bumps into my diaphragm when I try to take a good deep breath. ... (9 replies)
... So I went to the doctor like 3 days ago because I had a bad stomach ache and problems with falling asleep because my stomach has been moving inside like some kind of liquid feeling and it sometimes hurt. My symptoms were nausea, depression, bloating. ... (2 replies)
... ng my diet and exercising. But what did me in this time was a tooth infection that resulted in two root canals and an apioectomy after a mess of antiobiotics. My stomach is raw and that's what brought on this episode. ... (2 replies)
... All of this started for me when eating egg whites, like I did every morning, started to make my stomach burn, then I started to feel burning up my esophagus, and then burning across my chest. The strange thing was that it didn't happen all the time. ... (2 replies)
... eat, and then it would go away or stick around for the rest of the day depending on how bad I was doing. The acid reducers the doctors prescribe in my opinion, hurt some people more than help them. I am sure some conditions do require them but anymore it seems they are prescribed like candy...... ... (31 replies)
... Someone suggested apple cider vinegar. I took 1 tbsp yesterday with some honey and I feel worse than ever. Last night I hurt when I swallowed and now today my whole esophagus and when anything I eat or drink hits my stomach it hurts. ... (12 replies)
... That hungry feeling in your stomach even though I just ate, but only when I'm lying down. ... (3 replies)
... oked like "cobblestones". He said he didn't think it was acid reflux, I think he just thought it showed a lot of drainage. I told him that I really believe this bloating stomach and throat thing was connected. He didn't think so. I told him I was having post nasal drip all the time. ... (1 replies)
Testing Tomorrow
Aug 29, 2007
... GI was the easiest for me. The stuff you swallow is pretty chalky, but it wasn't quite as bad as I expected. But about an hour after it was done I had a horrible stomach ache and got sick to my stomach. So I just sipped on some water and then ate some crackers and that helped a ton. ... (15 replies)

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