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... I had the same symptoms ro47. I believe that the mucus is a way of protecting the throat. ... (5 replies)
... the food is completely covered in the mucus, and then I am fine. the mucus vomit only happens when I feel this cramped esophagus business. ... (3 replies)
... i have a sort of mucus lump in my throat. i think it's right behind the thing that hangs down in the back of my mouth. ... (1 replies)

... i also have a sort of mucus lump in my throat. i think it's right behind the thing that hangs down in the back of my mouth. ... (107 replies)
... times a day. on top of that the excess mucus fills my stomach up and makes me very nauseus. ... (0 replies)
Mucus reflux
Apr 29, 2012
... I either swallow it which give me stomach ache, contributes to bloating and appears in my stool sometimes. Or I just spit it out if I can. ... (4 replies)
... when I wake up I have mucus resting in my throat... also when doing exercise or eating alot I also get tense muscles in the throat at times.. ... (2 replies)
... I still have thick clear and yellow phlegm in my throat, problems with my voice catching, and the same type of mucus coming from my nose, as well as intermittent dripping of clear watery fluid from my nose. I cough a lot to get the phlegm out of my throat. ... (3 replies)
Gerd and mucus
Jun 29, 2013
... I have gerd and sinus problems I have plem or mucus in my throat from sinus draining and I can't cough it up and I have this tighness in throat when I swallow could the gerd be causing this , or could it be my hiatal hernia. It's constantly draining and I'm forced to swallow. How can I resove this my doc is no help. ... (0 replies)
... I went back to my ENT because this week I had 3 pills get stuck in my throat. A while back they diagnosed me with LPR. Mainly had too much mucus in my throat and a tad bit of burning in the throat. This past week my throat has been extremely dry along with my mouth. ... (5 replies)
... and then three days on Zithromax, I am still unable to eat anything solid. I try and it sticks in the mucus and won't go down. So, of course my diet is crap now.... ... (1 replies)
... male, and I just started gagging and vomiting after almost anything i ate. It was crazy, I was like what is wrong with me. Also, I had a ton of mucus and phlegm during this time, and tons of burping which I still do. ... (17 replies)
... crazy person and I have no control over my body. My chest feels tender too. I went to an allergist today and he told me when you do have congestion and your mucus drips into your throat and you swallow, your stomach reacts by producing more acids so if you have acid reflux or gerd it gets worse and more mucus produces. ... (14 replies)
... but my symtoms have not lessened but seem to have gotten worse. I have hoarseness, mucus, difficulty breathing, and choking on the mucus in the morning. Recencently I wake up with a choking feeling and eventually cough up enough mucus to relieve this sensation. ... (107 replies)
Stubborn mucus?
Jul 13, 2006
... Have you tried eliminating all forms of dairy from your diet for a week? It's well known to cause phlegm. When my husband eats dairy his throat closes up and he has difficulty swallowing and coughs continuously from the phlegm. (15 replies)
Stubborn mucus?
Jul 10, 2006
... For years I've had stubborn mucus in my throat, that affects the way I swallow. ... (15 replies)
... Sometimes when I swallow I can just feel the mucus sitting in my throat as well. I have tried apple cider vinegar, it didn't seem to help and it tastes awful. Is there anything else I can try? ... (1 replies)
... Yes, I had just the same. I've had surgery now, but still take medication. (5 replies)
... I really think I have lpr. Still waiting to get in with the ENT. I have a lot of mucus in my throat. Sometimes worse than other times. This morning it is really bad. I actually starting coughing some up and spitting it out, yuck. It was clear. ... (5 replies)
... For the past 4 or 5 months I've been feeling horrible with constant nausea and the feeling of mucus in my throat that just wont go away no matter how much times I swallow. It's completely miserable! ... (6 replies)

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