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... d is OK so far but I do ask my GYN to check it yearly as I have been gaining weight. Truthfully I think that's due to some bad eating habits and slacking off at the gym! I've been suffering with anemia for a looooong time and that's been addressed by several specialists working together. ... (107 replies)
... I have been having trouble swallowing over the past several weeks. Not just when eating, but all day long, when just swallowing saliva. I saw an ENT, and he dx'd me with Acid Reflux, even though I don't get the burning heartburn or feel any acid in my throat. ... (11 replies)
... T is 18 , hit by semi when he was 9 . he has been on all kinds of meds . ... (1 replies)

... Thanks for the reply. What's concerning me is that I've had absolutely NO pain at all.........NO heartburn, NO sore throat, NO nausea. ... (11 replies)
... Hi and yes mark! its horible I had this horrible mess for 3 months and I just last week started eating again after 3 whole months of no tbeing able to swalow solid foods, i almost thought i would choke on food, since teh food would go down so slow and kind of stay stuck but the aicd reflux had burned my throat so bad that it was so irritated that i could barely swallow so... (11 replies)
... It is intersting the way this group of people are so latched on to solving what it is and what caused it and what to do... ... (119 replies)
... I was on nexium first once a day and then twice a day for 6 months. The lump in my throat feeling never went away. I then tried prevacid and again the lump remained. I then decided to go off these ppi's because they were really causing more symptoms then I started with. ... (11 replies)
... I'm still feeling the lump in the throat after 4 days of Nexium. ENT syas it may take up to a month or so to see results. Is this true, even on 2X a day? ... (11 replies)
... day dose eliinates that lup in the throat mess, its really good, wish you luck on it! ... (11 replies)
... months, but many times the symptoms come right back. ... (11 replies)
... YES pepcid is very good indeed, my throat feels pretty smooth and i have been able to swallow easily, so i will stick to pepcid and not take PPI's and will stop the mylanta sie that is giving me bad diarrhea, its one of the side effects so i will definately not mess with that anymore. ... (11 replies)
... by the way i get heartburn but not much but i do hear a buzzing sound like a zzzz sound coming upp to my throat especially after eatiing I guess that is the acid coming up, and i guess our throats are so burned that we dont feel it coming up but it does come up since thats why it gets burned up. ... (11 replies)
... Hi Patti, its amazing how nexiux can work on some people and for others it does nothing, i mean in my case within a few hrs after taking 2- nexums the lump i felt in my throat disaapeared, another member in this website by the name of aswander had the same experience, I wish i would have stayed on the nexium but the side effects as you mentioned are terrible, i mean the... (11 replies)
... I agree. Pepcid ac chewables do help. I've tried nexium and prevacid both. But these 2 ppi's actually made me feel other symptoms. The lump in my throat actually started to feel bigger, and the glands in my neck felt swollen. My dr. said that's actually a side effect of these ppi's. ... (11 replies)
... Hi mark , i tried pepcid ac chewables last night and one today and what i found to help my throat burn less and now i can swallow better, i bought the chewable ones, anyway they work better than prevacid for sure, i am waiting for my doc to call in aciphex, i will ask the pharmacist if i can take zantac along with the pepcid ac, the lump in the throat feeling went away so i... (11 replies)
... Hard time swallowing.. ... (3 replies)
... when you say you have a swallowing problem, what does that mean? ... (3 replies)
... Sorry to hear. Is it just the acid reflux problems over all, or have you been not able to swallow food like me for 6 months? ... (14 replies)
... econd opinion from another ENT because no one should just be "tossed aside" and confined to eating like that because it's not normal, not to mention we don't get the proper nutrition we need. You should try eating soups too and drinking some nutritional shakes just to make sure you get enough calories. ... (14 replies)
... My doctor told me that once damaged, the valve gets worse. He also said some function is lost with age. I suppose that makes sense, like so many other things. ... (22 replies)

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