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... d is OK so far but I do ask my GYN to check it yearly as I have been gaining weight. Truthfully I think that's due to some bad eating habits and slacking off at the gym! I've been suffering with anemia for a looooong time and that's been addressed by several specialists working together. ... (107 replies)
... I have been clearing my throat all the time also. Of course, that makes it even more sore. ... (107 replies)
... Ok Im going to join back in here. From reading all this Im pretty convinced that LPR is my problem. Yes, the ENT used the nasal scope and saw some redness of the larynx. ... (107 replies)

... I think LPR might be my problem. I went ot the ENT for a feeling of sometihgn in my throat all the time. It did not feel like mucous, it felt solid. But there was nothing else wrong and he said I had LPR. ... (107 replies)
... I still have the lump in my throat and miserable. Today I decided to get the stuff for a parasite and fungal cleansing after another doctor put me on 2 aciphex a day!! When I had a live blood test done, it showed I ranked high on this. ... (107 replies)
... Or did he just look in the back of your throat with you opening up and saying AHHH with a flashlight? ... (107 replies)
... I have had my thyroid tested and at the time they werent high. I will call my Dr tomorrow and see if I can retake them. My pulse is faster at times. ... (107 replies)
... Thanks I thought of that myself but all the good docs are not taking new patients and I don't want to get one out of the yellow pages if you know what I mean. I just don't know who to go to at this point. ... (107 replies)
... I havent added the zantac yet...first going to determine if claritin helps me or not...since thats the biggest mystery to me.... ... (107 replies)
... Ya know, I guess it is the variable nature...though it seemed like for awhile there I was getting NO relief, so I wonder if there is SOMETHING to the meds. Now granted, the difference isnt monumental. But I consider any day that i dont want to rip my throat out a good day. ... (107 replies)
... I went to my regular physican and asked her about the lpr, she had no idea what it was. I asked her for the Nexium and she had no problem giving it to me just to try. ... (107 replies)
... I have stopped eating the foods that I'm not supposed to eat for LPR or LDR,whatever this is called again. I've been exercising and taking care of myself and the problem has ALREADY improved dramatically. ... (107 replies)
... my whole life i have had a problem with my ears and throat. i always feel the urge to spit, and in the morning i always have so much mucus. there is a constant clicking in my ear and i can feel pressure on the tube connecting my ear and throat. ... (107 replies)
... lump in throat, thirsty at night, etc. ... (107 replies)
... months. I'm 30 years old. The burping is even there when I'm trying to sleep sometimes. ... (107 replies)
... I really want you to get someone, even if its a new doctor, and take ALL your records to him, along with a list of all your current meds and all your current Symptoms. I think really there is hope for you to feel better! ... (107 replies)
... yeah i sleep with no problem..i just wake up feeling all raw in my throat. ... (107 replies)
... ginger- thanks for your input. what is TMJ? i decided on just going to a standard doctor today.. there are so many various parts of me that are not feeling right that i figure a regular doctor can look at them all. we'll see, hopefully ill get some info on what exactly is wrong with me! (107 replies)
Mucous in throat
Nov 24, 2007
... I keep swallowing and clearing my throat. This seems to make no difference. All I know is I'd never ever had any problems with my stomach, digestion, hernia or throat until I started taking all these meds. Now there's always something. ... (2 replies)
... Zoot, I was so freaked that we posted to each other at the exact second, that i didnt answer your question. ... (107 replies)

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