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... The lump in my throat is gone when I wake up each day. It comes back the minute I take a sip of water. ... (5 replies)
... So I just want to say that it is now past the 5 year point since my throat problems began. ... (5 replies)
... My GI doctor thinks I have silent acid in the throat. Can this cause coughing and a sore throat everyday? ... (4 replies)

... LPR by my ENT. I am very new to this all, so please bare with me. My symptoms started out of the blue.I had lots of mucus and was feeling like I had a lump in my throat that I couldn't get rid of.It wasn't till I finally looked at my throat with flash light that I saw why my throat hurt. ... (3 replies)
... Hi everyone! Lprguy, I can't speak for everyone, but the anxiety I had was not anxiety, it was a searing throat burning on the inside. ... (14 replies)
... Does anyone have confirmed LPR, but does not suffer from throat burning or sore throat or ever halitosis? ... (20 replies)
... so I started carrying around a water bottle and sipped on it to relax the throat muscles. ... (2 replies)
... I feel totally lost. Not my family, friends, or doctors have heard of this. I've had a burning throat constantly day and night for the last 3 months. And it's driving me INSANE!! Sometimes even my lips do. Here's what I've tried. ... (9 replies)
... r 2 months now. it is great. Sad to see all the people on here with the same stuff but in other ways comforting I am not alone. Here is my deal. I have had Heart Burn on and off for years. Back in may I had HB for a week straight so started to take over counter Prilosec. ... (18 replies)
... burn throat when breath deep (0 replies)
... quickly. My family don't even pay attention to the fact that I cook what they like and just eat apple sauce or yogurt just so that I can get away from the awful burn in my chest, ears and throat! ... (12 replies)
Lump in throat?
Sep 22, 2005
... feel they interact. A lump in throat, congestion and mucous are indicative of LPR but also of sinusitis and infected tonsils. Have you noticed any change in how throat actually feels ie does it burn regularly ? ... (36 replies)
... Around 4 months ago, I had a meal that made me feel extremely sick. I vomited and this made my throat burn, which I had never experienced before after vomiting. ... (5 replies)
LPR... sore throat
Nov 21, 2012
... n 7 week road trip and didn't follow my routine closely so by the time I got home my sinuses were really acting up, my teeth were sensitive, and more recently my throat and ears are sore. ... (0 replies)
... Hi all, I have posted here before. I have been on Omeprazole for awhile, but then I went off since the doc said only 3 months. About 3 days ago I had this burning so badly in my throat, it was pretty severe off and on, sometimes it would just sit there on my throat, other times come and go. All night long. In the morning I finally took a Pepcid AC which seem to keep the... (2 replies)
... Hi; it's true that all those symptoms can be GERD symptoms. Many of us don't have the "heartburn", per se (I've only had burn there since my pregnancy). But some of us get throat burn, constant "burping", sinus-like problems, burning stomach, chest pain (sore, not burn), coughing (my mother has that as a prime example) etc. This isn't uncommon at all. The problem is,... (5 replies)
... If I avoid these two my throat does not get irritated. You know when it does get irritated, with spices your tongue and throat burn. With Citric Acid you get a ton of mucus in your throat. If either of these things happen it sets you back. ... (13 replies)
Is LPR or not??
Feb 22, 2016
... The question is how long after your throat recovers? ... (10 replies)
Damaged throat?
Jun 13, 2012
... I had some pizza for dinner. I woke up at about 3am with the absolute worst heart burn I've ever had. I was gagging almost threw up and there was a lot of acid in my throat cause it was really irritated and burning, anyways somehow I didn't puke. ... (3 replies)
... However, drug therapy while you are changing your diet is a good idea as yes acid reflux can SEVERELY damage your esophagus, vocal cords, throat, and burn and hurt all the way up. The majority of people don't realize that they are having acid reflux as well until they start 'feeling it in their throat. ... (7 replies)

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