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... I agree that there are a number of conditions which can produce the throat symptoms. When seeking solutions for treatment or prevention of symptoms all avenues should be persued. ... (5 replies)
... drink about 5 mins later i think i feel it reflux back up into my throat. Like if i eat or drink something cold a few minutes later i feel it come back up and my throat goes cold again as if i've just ate or drank something cold again. I'm pretty sure it's not acid as i am on a high dose of Lansoprazole and it doesn't burn. ... (0 replies)
... Yes, it can take a long time like months. Hopefully the medications help your throat heal. ... (4 replies)

... and in my esophagus, sometimes seeming to go from the throat downward. It's as if I had a huge fresh bruise inside there. ... (1 replies)
... course and held out, and eventually it stopped. I thought I was out of the woods finally, and that I could be free from this drug, but then, I began getting the throat tightness, and a bit more phlegm after eating, once again. At that point, I sort of panicked. ... (3 replies)
... Does anyone else here with gerd get constant burning of the mouth and upper throat? The burning feels like when you have eaten too much cinnamon. Also blisters in the back of the throat? It is not the heartburn type burn. It is more like you have a million little cuts or sores. Can gerd cause this? (2 replies)
... About 2 weeks ago I've been experiencing these small air bubbles that just come up in my chest to my throat every 5-10min. It doesn't hurt or burn but it makes me feel so uncomfortable 24/7. Everybody in my family has told me that it is all in my head (sometimes when I'm really busy I forget and the air bubbles stop) but I know it's not in my head because it happens all the... (0 replies)
... What can I take to soothe a sore throat caused by reflux? ... (4 replies)
... alcohol or smoking cigarrettes, you must stop using all these offending substances for a while, or your throat will continue to be irritated and burn regardless of whether or not you are on medication. I don't know if you do or not, of course, but these are the number one offenders. ... (7 replies)
Sore throat
Feb 11, 2010
... I am doing much better. One time I ate a very deep fried fish sandwich from 'Culverts" and a couple of hours I burped and it came up on me with a burning in my throat like I never had before. It took a couple of hours for the burn to subside. ... (8 replies)
... The feeling is in the base of my throat at my neck. ... (0 replies)
... (4 replies)
... my Esophagus doesn't burn at all, just my upper throat. ... (4 replies)
Gerd Symptoms
Aug 3, 2006
... I tried the apple cidar vinegar myself for about 7 days and it made my throat burn like acid fire. I think it's very dangerous for people like us unless used with extreme caution! ... (95 replies)
... Hi mark , i tried pepcid ac chewables last night and one today and what i found to help my throat burn less and now i can swallow better, i bought the chewable ones, anyway they work better than prevacid for sure, i am waiting for my doc to call in aciphex, i will ask the pharmacist if i can take zantac along with the pepcid ac, the lump in the throat feeling went away so i... (11 replies)
Burning in throat
Oct 12, 2005
... I am 26 yrs. old and I have never had any stomach problems or anything. Could this be acid reflux even if I am not burning up through my esophagus. Could it just burn the back of my throat in my mouth and me not feel it as it is rising? ... (1 replies)
... I have a cough, mucous, constant deep raw throat between collarbone that also feels "tight" so sometimes I feel like it is hard to breathe. All had been attributed to reflux and post nasal drip. ... (107 replies)
Sore throat
Feb 7, 2005
... e 1 easophagitis 3 years back. I used to have acidity problem even before that for a long time. I am taking ppis on and off since 3 years. Though I have no heart burn now, I have constant sore throat and when i speak continously for some time I have throat pain. My doctor says its because of Gerd andf advised ph manometry. ... (6 replies)
... can come up into your esophagas. There are many pills out there that can help you. Im using Nexeum and its done great for me. Its scary because you get a burning throat that lasts, bad tastes in your mouth and upset stomach also heart burn that can feel like a heart attack. Has your doctor asked you to do a upper GI test? ... (3 replies)
... I've already had surgery for severe GERD. Three years ago I started getting LPR symptoms. I can't taste my food, my tongue and throat burn, my sinuses burn and I cough and spit mucous in the morning till I'm nauseous. ... (17 replies)

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