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... My throat doesn't burn but it gets tight and I do occasionally have discomfort in my sternum. Mostly it's ear and neck pain which turns into a raging headache. ... (3 replies)
What drug for LPR?
Dec 15, 2005
... would like to tell you a little more about my problem. I have never been officially diagnosed with LPR. My problem began three years ago. In the beginning my throat just felt funny, then a little more constricted and more and more so over the years. Right now I feel like I am breathing through a sore straw. ... (14 replies)
LPR & Diet
Oct 29, 2005
... Is it possible that, for instance, you might eat pizza one night, and it causes a surge of acid that hits your larnyx, leaving a burn on it that might take months to fully heal? ... (7 replies)

Nose Stuffyness
Oct 25, 2005
... any ideas i was on omeprozol 40mg 1 a day for a month and found some improvement my gp gave me this for heart burn then gave me 20mgs to take when i needed them like when i got heartburn? ... (9 replies)
Gerd And Ear Pain
Sep 28, 2005
... Hi again mine is on one side but i dont know wether or not the ear pain is from my TMJ what i do now is if i start with heart burn it burns my throat and my gland under chIn right up to my ear do you think i MAY have something worse can you get ulcers there in that area or is it normal because of iritation and if so how long do they take to heal and should i still be taking... (14 replies)
... al cord polyps. had surgery on my vocal cords 5 years ago. could feel one polyp. felt like a lump in my throat. take prevacid to keep the acid down so it doesn't burn my vocal cords anymore. ... (2 replies)
... My major symptom was a pain under the right breastbone,and a terrible burning pain when i ate something and burped.The acid would come up my throat and burn the heck out of it.Right now im taking prevacid,for the first 20yrs i took prescription zantac 3x a day.Now i just take 1 prevacid and im good to go. ... (18 replies)
... reflux which the radiologist called serious, not severe. My doc was there too and he thought it was severe, but the radiologist said it would have to be up to my throat for severe which it wasn't. They also saw something in the lining of the duodenum which they didn't call "ulcer" but duodenitis which is inflammation I guess. ... (24 replies)
... months. well, its been over a month that ive been taking nexium and i cant tell if it is working. today i have had bad chest pain, i cant tell if it is heart burn or not. im kind of scared.. like the pain is worse when i breathe in deeply or swallow or burp. is that my esophogus? ... (8 replies)
... Hi Renee, I know how you feel and its frightening, sad, annoying and very frustrating. My symptoms werent that similar but I did feel like my life was ruined and the docs didnt help too much. However you did mention how you had food in your stomach when you shouldnt have. I had this after my endoscope. The Dr made me do a gastric emptying study. This showed that my stomach... (3 replies)
Any thoughts?
Jun 11, 2005
... I didnt get heart burn either, just lump ,chest pains ,palpitations and stomach pains. ... (1 replies)
May 1, 2005
... What meds do you think work the best for LPR? My doctor prescribed me zantacs but I have heard and read that zantac is better for "putting out the fire", only i dont have traditional heart burn. Or what meds to you think work best at night to stop from refluxing, I think i am only refluxing at night because im always waking up with a sore throat. Any insight would be helpful,... (0 replies)
Is it Possible
May 1, 2005
... Yes Miss L, the GERD does make my nasal passages burn and my throat lining red. ... (28 replies)
... I an having this problem too. I am on Prilosec 1x day and my heartburn has stop but I have a burn in the back of my throat. I am having pain under my chin and my lymph nodes are swollen too. Doctor just thinks its an infection but I'm gettin nervous. ... (42 replies)
... said my chest, ears, and throat seemed fine. ... (1 replies)
How long?
Mar 30, 2005
... It just seems I barely get that last bite into my mouth when my throat starts to burn and yet at other times after a few days of gerd free I eat something that normally doesn't bother me and get heartburn. ... (0 replies)
Help info on grd
Mar 14, 2005
... an out patient and really no big deal. Chest pain is a symptom of GERd as well as others, same with left shoulder chest pain, belching hot ichy is also. A froggy throat can be gerd or post nasal drip, tingling I'm not sure of but I have peripherall neuropathy which is tingling and burning sensation. ... (2 replies)
GERD help/advice
Mar 6, 2005
... Last year I had some throat problems and had a ENT look at my vocal cords, he said they were enflamed due to reflux. ... (2 replies)
... Hi everyone, I only recently foound this site and have posted in the anxeity part. Im quite sure i have got Anxiety and slight panic attacks from an ongoing Acid reflx problem. Im only starting to find out information i should have found out years ago. About 7 years ago i unexpectedly was being sick mostly in the evenings. Sometime i could just be sitting there and a... (1 replies)
... treatment yet!! I have lpr as well as severe GERD, I've been on med since Oct for lpr and it is pretty well under control, GERD, I started nexium in Dec and the burn has gone from a flame to a flicker but it is't gone yet!! ... (26 replies)

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