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... r stomach produces too much or too little is moot if the sphincter works properly. You simply won't get excessive reflux, which is what causes the heartburn and throat burn, etc. The problem with GERD is excessive reflux because of a mechanical failure. ... (11 replies)
Stomach pain
Dec 27, 2006
... xed drinks anymore, I don't even drink wine which I really like. I've notice that beer seems to be the best to drink, the only effect it has on me is it makes my throat burn the next day. Hey, you got to party sometimes, with or without reflux. You think I'm not drinking on New Years eve? ... (5 replies)
... I don't know what eosinophils is. But I have elevated IGe level. I'm confused too. Mine seems to have come on suddenly...about 6 mos. ago...with throat burn & the coughing started in Nov. I have not taken the prescribed PPI's yet (but considering it). I'm trying to adjust my diet, reduce stress, etc. I have good days & bad. (6 replies)

... Hi gnz, the good thing about the name-change on this forum is that it no longer refers to a specific disease. It's just "acid reflux" now, which is purely a symptom, not a disease. Calling it "GERD" earlier meant this forum really is just for people having problems with their LESs (which is really what "GERD" is - sphincter disease). The whole "reflux disease" thing is... (4 replies)
... you don't get reflux from too much acid.. you get reflux because the LES doesn't close off properly to prevent the normal stomach acid from getting up into your esophegus. Some people may have low stomach acid which may cause indigestion when eating.. which then can cause heartburn. for these people the vinegar may work by aiding in digestion. For me it made my throat burn... (10 replies)
... When I have episodes of acid reflux, it burns a little when it comes up, but then for a few hours afterwards, my throat feels sore, kind of like a burning feeling. But possibly yours could still be related to acid reflux of some sort. ... (4 replies)
... What's LPR, ACV, and LEA stand for? I'm a 24 year old male. For the past eight months since moving back home from college I have been experiencing some horrible bouts with Acid Reflux. I tried Zantac on my own accord after about a month of brutal heartburn and I really liked it. Then in about November my doctor told me I need to get the telescope down my throat but I... (11 replies)
Feisity Girl
Mar 29, 2006
... We sound so much alike, does your throat burn after you take the Pepcid? ... (0 replies)
Feeling the Burn
Mar 29, 2006
... It's weird. I am usually fine during the day, but come the middle of the night I awake with a sore throat feeling like it's acid from my stomach and awake with it too. Does GERD happen more at night than during the day? ... (4 replies)
Aciphex & LPR
Jan 19, 2006
... I would get checked again just to make sure. Also there are some doctors that do not know what LPR is. As for you not having your throat burn I don't think everyone who has LPR has the same symptoms again I am still very new to this and am trying to figure it out myself but from reading alot of the newer and older posts on here there are alot of different symptoms and not... (30 replies)
... droplets hitting my throat and throat nerves. ... (55 replies)
... is not stopping the small vapors in their tracks before they hit our tender single layer throat tissues. Under that single layer of throat tissue are the nerves that run up into your head and yes, down into your arms and legs. ... (55 replies)
... to close off the stomach acid. I use to burn just drinking water. ... (119 replies)
... I had not even realized the burn had become my new normal and only when it was really strong I was perceiving it and attributing it to an upcoming cold. ... (7 replies)
... I have had a lot of success with diet. It has not cured my scratchy throat or my hoarseness completely, but it has taken care of my swallowing problems, lump in throat and chronic burning. I have used Dr. Jamie Koufman's induction diet. Dr. ... (5 replies)
... and also learnt about the risks of nexium. I tried quitting it cold turkey by switching to Gavison, after about a month of bad heart burn still, I went back on the nexium. ... (0 replies)
... droplets rising from the stomach to the delicate throat tissues and burning the nerves that go through the throat. I felt 4 large balls in my throat and the back of my neck had a bump. ... (119 replies)
... (8 replies)
... I burn in my stomach and especially around my belly button area. ... (8 replies)
... Could you be in peri menapause? I have these issues along with others. Have had all the test and they all came back fine. Just a thought. Hope you find what's causing your problems. I know how awful this is and can be. Big Hugs, Jen (3 replies)

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