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... I think it's anxiety. I have the same exact thing. Ive done the tests, and all normal. I have decaf coffee, but it happens alot after I drink it, and probably has to do with the caffeine that is in coffee. Even decaf. i hate this feeling, so i tried Xanax. Which helps a bit, but my dose is so low, I can't really tell. (3 replies)
... Pantoprzole because she thought I had acid reflux but I don't have any other symptoms like burning sensation, chest pains, etc. Occassionally I get little burps but that's it. ... (3 replies)
Heavy Chest
Oct 22, 2012
... In late May 2012 my problem began to reveal its ugly head. I was at a dance and did a quick run across the dance floor and my chest got really tight. I had never felt anything like it, but brushed it off. I felt fine the rest of the night and fine for another two weeks or so. ... (0 replies)

... What did you do to stop this. Really painful in the chest forever due to reflux. ... (30 replies)
... I had never had pain like that in my life! I also had indigestion and I'd pop a tum and it would go away. I was never so scared when that pain first hit me. Thanks, and I hope everyone has a good day today too!! (30 replies)
... Hello MLB65, You have described my symptoms to a tee!! It has been over a year now with this going on and off for me. Last year this time, the mucus and tight chest started for me. I thought I was getting asthma. It really scared me. I took a puff of a family members inhaler, but it didn't do much for me. ... (30 replies)
... First of all I'm a a 22 year old female, don't smoke, relatively healthy. For the past couple of weeks I have suffered burning chest pain right below my sternum. ... (1 replies)
... I can feel it in my chest filling up the space. ... (34 replies)
... It is VERY possible for reflux to affect your breathing and not feel any burning sensation. I do not feel any burn but I do feel the acid in my esophagus. ... (22 replies)
... my manometry actually showed it's too tight and that I have only borderline reflux.. ... (19 replies)
... ent panic attacks, especially during the night. If I stand up from bed I get this alarming sensation in my chest. It feels like a fairly tight, tingly rush in my chest and I can feel my pulse quite profoundly. There is NO pain whatsoever in my chest or abdomen though similar to those that I have during an acid reflux "attack". ... (34 replies)
... um with that said, a stricture is a tight spot that has to be stretched gently open. i have two spots one is a inch or so above where my neck meets my chest and the other is between my breast area. i have those rings slotsky or something rings from having acidic reflux hit there. ... (17 replies)
... Right now it is pretty much under control, but once in a while I will get a little bit of a burning sensation in my esophogus.....but nothing like the extreme pain I had before....I would describe it only as minor discomfort now. ... (34 replies)
... other episode like 25 minutes ago. I was kneeling on my daughters floor folding some of her clothes strewn around ant that tightness happened again. It was in my chest my back and my leg. It was intense I got up and changed position. ... (31 replies)
... The burning is totally under control... ... (2 replies)
... The gastro now put me on celebrex 200 for 10 days to see if is an infalmmation in my chest just to try. Now i am on it 4 days and have a constant burning in my stomach. Instead of getting better my problems are getting worse. ... (34 replies)
... t tests....I've had all the same done as you too. Also, I really sympathize with you, as I's impossible to work and function with all of that horrible chest pain, and burning, bad breathing, etc. ... (34 replies)
Chest Pain??
Jul 27, 2005
... My GERD seems to act up only through the night while I'm sleeping. I wake up with pains in my esophagus, burning sensation behind my chest wall, my right arm feels week and the entire right side of my chest, esophagus and neck area feels tight (like it's more tensed up than the left side). If it were on the left side, I could see where it could be a worry since most of those... (5 replies)
... Hi Rayna07 after reading your post, I can relate to all your symptoms. I have been suffering with presumed acid reflux for 5 weeks. I too had a panic attack whilst out, which resulted in me going to a&, to be told it was a panic attack (felt stupid then). Anyway I just got off the phone to the doctor because like you, I have a tight,burning aching sensation in my chest,... (1 replies)
... I don't have lots of burning, but it feels like I have at times something stuck in my throat. I occasionally have a burning tongue as well, which probably sounds crazy. Fortunately, I don't have shortness of breath, but have read that this can be another symptom. ... (2 replies)

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