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... My problems started about 5 years ago with a lump in my throat feeling. I saw an ENT and was told it was most likely all in my head ! ... (1 replies)
... Can you tell if it's when you eat or drink anything? Sometimes, I can just be sitting still doing nothing and I get this feeling of all this mucus filling my sinus and throat. It's called "waterbrash." Then, all of a sudden it's like it goes away. Not happening that way last few days. (4 replies)
... That is my question tonight too. I have the same problem. I keep clearing my throat, and there is a big ball there. Gross! I hate it. What is going on? Anyone...please??:confused: (4 replies)

Sapping my energy?
Oct 18, 2010
... Breathing problems isn't too uncommon for GERD. The acid pisses off your esophagus and it ends up getting inflamed. I went to see a doctor recently. ... (14 replies)
... at was a HPylory infection after blood and mucus tests. It keeps comming back every so often and have to take antibiotics. I dont know if are related. My sinus too are contantluy draining in my stomach, then when get nausiated, and finaly the stomach eyects the mucus. ... (4 replies)
... er right hand, missing pectoralis major, very minor spina bifida and very minor scoliosis. Other than these minor problems, I had NEVER EVER had a health problem in my entire life. ... (0 replies)
... it has never really gone away. It is always waiting in the wings. I don't think anyone is ever really cured of this. ... (2 replies)
... through it and wondering about how it really works. My opinion is the term "LPR" is misleading and also I am not personally satisfied with the explanations for throat discomfort simply caused by reflux. ... (2 replies)
... Actually about half the people who have LPR never have any heartburn at all. This is because the material that refluxes does not stay in the esophagus for very long. In other words, the acid does not have enough time to irritate the esophagus and cause heartburn. ... (8 replies)
... Over the past four months, the pain got worse and I realized that it was much worse after a night of heavy drinking. ... (28 replies)
Is this Gerd?
Jan 24, 2008
... y, because I am at my wits end. I have been feeling pretty crappy lately, having a slew of symptoms, I'm sure due to my medical past, which I wont bore you with too much. ... (1 replies)
... I get a funny lump like feeling in my throat too, and it makes noices when i swallow. sometime's it's really loud and other's it's not... ... (28 replies)
Is this Gerd???
Dec 14, 2012
... Hi Dave, I experience the same exact bubble in the throat thing. Too much dang mucus! ugg! I assume it is is caused by acid reflux. I get sinus problems along with this but can never cough up phlegm which really sucks! ... (4 replies)
... by 8". Propping up regular pillows won't work because you're trying to raise your esophagus above your stomach and that means your head and shoulders need to be in a straight line. Also don't sleep on your right side because that raises the stomach above the esophagus and can promote reflux. ... (2 replies)
... LPR in case anyone out there finds it useful. ... (119 replies)
... s wrong with you is no easy task nor can you explain in a few sentences. ... (91 replies)
... phlegm in my throat for several months. Its pretty stubborn, as I usually have trouble bringing it up or moving it down. ... (65 replies)
... I only had barium swallow, they said all was ok, then also a chest scanner because I felt some kind of burning pain in the right side of my chest. All went fine so indeed it had to be nerve related. ... (18 replies)
... He also stated that in many cases those with night time GERD sometimes are not aware of it at all. OK, except for the fact that I've NEVER had any symptoms of anykind,... EVER. ... (5 replies)
Possible LPR??
Nov 30, 2011
... hat I would get almost like a "knot" or "lump" at the bottom of my throat. Then it started to happen more frequently. Like with ANY type of physical exercise. My throat and upper chest would seem to "tighten" as well. Fast forward 3 months and I'm suddenly short of breathe. Like CRAZY short of breathe. ... (1 replies)

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