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... Ok last year I went to the Dr about left sided pain I was having. She sent me for an upper GI. The Dr right on the spot said I had a small hiatal hernia and mild reflux. ... (2 replies)
... This started months ago. When I would eat or drink something cold, I'd get a sharp pain under my left shoulder blade. The only way I can describe it is JUST like a brain freeze but in my back. Then I was getting pain in my left side under my ribs. ... (4 replies)
... I had mild to moderate heartburn when I went to see a gastro doctor and had my endoscopy three years ago. Since I got off the Aciphex, I have heartburn, nausea, pain in my gut, diahrrea and all sorts of symptoms I hope will improve with time. ... (110 replies)

... remained the same constant headache. I figured that it was sinus infection and my doctor prescribed another 20 days amoxcilin with another dose of oral steroids. Back then i was getting heartburn but there was no bloating or burping. but i'm pretty sure the reason to why i was getting heartburn was due to my poor diet. ... (35 replies)
... th ago I had an endoscopy and everything appreared normal, they did have to dialate my esophagus because food was getting stuck but that's it. My biopsy all came back normal, no h pylori or inflammation. So long story short, they told me I have access acid due to stress. ... (1 replies)
... a shortness of breath for a split second. Doing most of my daily activities I don't feel any pain. However, if I do anything too strenuous I do feel a temporary pain right below the adam's apple. Yesterday when I was playing golf I could feel pain about half the time when I would turn my head to hit the golf ball. ... (1 replies)
... Every morning I am waking up now feeling moderate pain in my upper mid abdomen, feeling regurgitation and like I could constantly belch. The pain is bad enough that I cannot continue to lay down with it and go back to sleep. But it gets better when I'm up a bit. ... (9 replies)
... me slight improvement. I haven't been having as much aching as I had been having behind my breastbone. My stomach is still tender to the touch. I've never had heartburn before that I know of. I've had somewhat severe pain in the breastbone area that radiates to my back when I try to drink an alcoholic beverage. ... (8 replies)
... bby was given probiotics while he was on antibiotics. He only needed it for a few, i took the rest of them. Within 3 days...i felt normal...all the pain was gone..the weight loss stopped. Acid reflux stopped, all of it stopped. The doc really believes its h she is redoing the blood work. ... (9 replies)
... My main symptom lately has been back pain right between my shoulder blades. ... (2 replies)
... I am going through the same thing. I feel like I am smothering, can't get enough air..It is scary. Do you think you could possible be having panic attacks? I suffer from panic/anxiety and I know at times when I am in a panic I can't breath. But I have read that acid reflux can have an affect on your breathing. So I am like is my breathing issue panic or reflux? But don't do... (4 replies)
... I workout 5 times a week. Ive been to the doctor 6 times since November. Ive had a cbc, liver panel, urine test, abdominal ultrasound and everything has come back normal. Im terrified, i have no idea what is affecting me and am fearing the worst. Will someone please help inform me to what is going on with my body. ... (4 replies)
Hi there
Nov 17, 2006
... like my ribs got logged under something. i get it on and off, each time it comes back it seems to go on for a few days then go for a few. the shoulder pain is almost on and off daily with just one or two days releif once in a blue moon. ... (9 replies)
... for years for gerd and the doctor thinks I have ibs also. Now I have a gnawing, sometimes burning pain in my upper abdomen and left side abdomen but the worst pain is in my back. ... (8 replies)
Help with GERD?
Nov 4, 2011
... I have been reading all through the post and don't really see many people talk about back pain. I am having serve upper and middle back pain that my GI says is from my gerd. I have this pain all day long even If I'm not having any heartburn. ... (6 replies)
... years ago when I was 6 weeks pregnant with my second son I woke up one morning with a horrible deep burning pain right under my sternum. For months I was barely able to function and was on a very bland diet. ... (4 replies)
... or h pylori,im now waiting for results but ive read up on it but not sure if i could have this. symptoms are,low back pain,pain up spine,back,chestpains,very bad pain right in the middle of upper abdomen which now has started to radiate alittle to the right,its agony,i geel as if ive been kicked so hard!!! ... (9 replies)
LPR or reflux?
Jan 19, 2007
... lar pain,it can be very annoying when trying to drive or sit for dinner,its not a sharp pain,more of a dull ache that can be around for days.i dont get that much heartburn just this pain in the middle of my upper back,but i have started burping a lot more.. ... (3 replies)
Worried father 5
Jul 20, 2013
... Ok start ed with pain in my stomach then an aching pain that went into my chest had heartburn. For two days then went away . ... (0 replies)
... I'm not finding that I wake with pain in my neck, upper left arm and down my shoulder blades, could it be a sleeping pattern? ... (0 replies)

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