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... :angel:I to am really suprised that u have all my problems it seems started two years ago after i had my gallbladder taken out now these days I live on a prayer when I have a attack the pain is from the middle upper stomach thur the back and up to the neck it sucks it hurts so bad they have done mrcp,ercp, scopes ,xrays cant find nothing all the blood wrk comes back good I am... (18 replies)
... Generally speaking my upper back pain increased as the day went on and the pain could be very intense at times. Certain activities also seem to set it off, waxing the car was a big one. ... (15 replies)
... days ago i ate a lot of food, and befoer that i had problems with mild abdominal pain but none that actualyl lasts for days. ... (1 replies)

... My back hurts all the time - I hurt right through from front of chest and upper stomach - to back, all the time. (20 replies)
... Yes, I certainly can relate....same thing going on. My pain is right between my shoulder blades. ... (20 replies)
... Sorry to hear that Mike. I have had it in the morning too. Mostly the abdominal pain, but the back pain comes later in the day. ... (11 replies)
Gerd - go away
Jun 25, 2013
... now that's a new symptom, a sore throat, feeling like there's something stuck in my throat, nausea Just started getting pains in my shoulder blades, like a sharp pain at first, then a nagging pain that is kinda always there, but sometimes don't feel it to much. ... (2 replies)
... Has dexilant caused you Right Upper quardant pain? ... (23 replies)
... days later. My dr. thought it's "just" a heartburn, but today he said it could be an ulcer because of the stabbing upper back pain together with stomach and chest pain. ... (0 replies)
... I guess I spoke too soon when I posted I was much better, well I am much better but I just ate yougurt right now and I experienced the ache in my upper and mid back. I think this is what scares me most is pain when eating. I see many here have experienced back pain but do you ever feel it when eating? ... (3 replies)
Oct 22, 2006
... and an apointment to go back in 2wks. After 2 wks I went back and explained I still had the same symptoms, he told me it was def anxiety. ... (14 replies)
... e a day and ranitidine twice a day. My symptoms are not going away. Today, I was working in the yard doing some raking and shoveling and began to have very bad pain in my upper back which radiated to the front. The sypmtoms were brought on by activity! How is this related to GERD? ... (11 replies)
... brand new MST3K , a fruit tart and some sweet tea as well as a couple of those wasabi seaweed snack things and after about a half an hour I noticed some intense upper back pain and vague nausea. It was pretty warm in my apartment and this plus the nausea and weird back pain caused me to start having a panic attack. ... (0 replies)
Bile Reflux
May 3, 2016
... Wow. This seemed to have started when my gallbladder got bad and had it taken out. Interesting that you did too! My liver function labs have also gotten abnormal since the gallbladder operation though this is likely not related. What is an EDG? You mention "bright yellow burning acidic stool". I've had a lot of diarrhea lately and see fluorescent yellow runny stool in the... (13 replies)
Bile Reflux
May 3, 2016
... stinging feelings near belly button, URQ discomfort, upper back pain and burning, occ. ... (13 replies)
... and it's almost always during the night. Once I vomit I feel immediately better. I'm having terrible upper back pain which I can only describe as a stabbing pain between my shoulder blades that also feels like there's something stuck in my esophagus but I'm FEELING it through my back. Does that make sense? ... (4 replies)
... When I was first dx I had pain underneath my ribs. It felt like someone stuck a balloon in and blew it up. Eating made this go away fairly well and quickly. NO heartburn at all. ... (3 replies)
... Does anyone experience excruciating burning pain in chest and upper back? ... (7 replies)
... urt all over, I was told that it is normal as the colon emptied forcefully it is sensitive. My doctor sent me to ultrasound of my pelvic. One week later I came back since my pain of my stomach and time to time heart burn continued. My doctor ordered blood test and urine test. All test came back negative. ... (3 replies)
... upper back pain when I feel the acid coming up into my throat. I am ALWAYS spitting out or swallowing my excess saliva all of the time now. ... (1 replies)

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