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... Standard treatment for LPR is different than GERD. LPR requires 2 doses of a PPI each day, rathern that the 1 dose for GERD. ... (3 replies)
... e spring water tested and it has a PH of 8. I don't think my Drs fully appreciated what a night mare I was having. I still don't think they realize that severe LPR can literally give you a nervous break down as the pain is so unbearable. Its like burning to death only on the inside. ... (119 replies)
... Maybe I'll give it another shot since I do know GERD and LPR are different chronic diseases. Personally, when I did before, I thought I was going to die and lost my voice completly for weeks. Burnt like hell. ... (13 replies)

What drug for LPR?
Dec 15, 2005
... Would this vinegar treatment work for me in the same way it has helped others with Gerd or is it just going to burn my esophagus and make the damage worse? ... (14 replies)
... I was diagnosed with LPR about 15 years ago. At the time, I took Aciphex for several months, and the problem went away. ... (2 replies)
... I've never posted before but have spent a bit of time reading online about LPR after being diagnosed with it about two years ago. ... (7 replies)
... I have been diagnosed with LPR for about 6 months, and am taking Nexium 40mg 2Xday. It seems to be working somewhat, but not consistently and I don't want to depend on it forever. ... (13 replies)
... I am so glad I found this site. I just recent got diagnosed with LPR after going to several different docs to find out what was wrong with me. ... (24 replies)
... Well this LPR is quite the nightmare. ... (2 replies)
... esteem. It threw me into a near depression, but I have come out the other side. Also, LPR caused my voice to be very weak, my voice had no endurance and no power, I could not sing, talk loudly or for any length of time, or even read to my child. ... (13 replies)
LPR Frustrations!
Jul 28, 2008
... Mix 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with 8 ounces of cold or hot water. Add honey to taste. You could also try mixing with apple juice or other juices to find a palatable combination. ... (34 replies)
... I just wanted to tell you that there is a more palatable way of consuming vinegar. One cup of hot water, 2 Tablespoons of honey, and then put in the amount of vinegar your going to take. It is way better tasting. ... (13 replies)
... o trouble every time I mention the name presuming that it's a sales tactic since it is sold by some individuals. But, I did find this to help me with many of my LPR symtoms. ... (9 replies)
... nd a cheaper mcdonalds burger. Tonight I ate wings and a couple beers. I should not be proud of that, but I mention it only as a way of confirming my so called LPR reflux was not affected at all by it. ... (119 replies)
... Hey everyone, So I am going back to the ENT in a few weeks and I'm sure he's going to diagnose me with LPR. SYMPTOMS: After dealing with a bad taste in my mouth, bad breath (heard comments that it smelled like fish, baby's diaper, and vinegar), a feeling of a lump in the right side of my throat, thick coating on tongue and throat, burning tongue (new), coughing fits,... (0 replies)
... You can't just drink the apple cider vinegar straight! of course it will cause you to choke, gag and feel like, well, acid is running down your throat. that's what it is! ACID. ... (9 replies)
... It could be related to acid. Sometimes acid blockers don't help much with LPR symptoms, not totally sure why. ... (1 replies)
... ly requires a build up within the body chemistry. I was on it for the better part of 8 years and I always took my dose at bedtime. When I got on the Apple Cider Vinegar I followed the same regimen. I took 1.5 oz dose at bedtime. Believe me it is some nasty stuff. I never did get used to it. ... (10 replies)
LPR Frustrations!
Jul 30, 2008
... I'm wondering about your drinking apple cider vinegar. Vinegar is an acid. I was told to stay away from vinegar based salad dressing. I would think that vinegar might exacerbate your problem. Drinking an 'acid,' or eating an acidic food, might counteract an 'acid controlling' med, like Prilosec, or any other PPI. ... (34 replies)
... This may sound crazy, but I had the same symptoms and tried the apple cider vinegar suggestion made to me. And when I eat a higher protein meal, I use a supplement containing Hcl. ... (14 replies)

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