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... can come up into your esophagas. There are many pills out there that can help you. Im using Nexeum and its done great for me. Its scary because you get a burning throat that lasts, bad tastes in your mouth and upset stomach also heart burn that can feel like a heart attack. Has your doctor asked you to do a upper GI test? ... (3 replies)
... ave had reflux for about 2 years now, it used to come and go where I would have several weeks without an "attack", lately it has gotten so much worse I am having pain everyday, everytime I eat anything. ... (6 replies)
... Forgot to add - I'm also getting bad headaches and handfulls of hair falling out. Weird? Frustrating. (21 replies)

... c, what a nightmare!! Two years of hell just to get off of these dreaded PPI's. Last year I stopped taking them after 8 days. As I was pregnant and HATE being on weird meds. The weird thing is I was fine after going off of them. ... (39 replies)
... all which gave me weird and bad side effects, until I got to Dexilant. It's been amazing so far, as I have had no side effects and no trouble swallowing food. ... (0 replies)
... sinus problems will make your throat & ear hurt. The dr did say you had a diviated septum. I was just told I had acid reflux and hiatal hernia and was put on Nexium. I have been on it for about 2 weeks and dr said it takes a while for it to work. The pamphlet that came with drug said it takes 6-8 weeks (18 replies)
... ot trying to be self centered, just need someone to listen to my fears and such, I thought friends are suppose to be there for the good and the bad..sigh. Its so weird how this started. I gained a lot of weight over the past year and maybe that is how it started. ... (18 replies)
... It is annoying indeed, im sorry you have to go through all this, i wanted to pursue a singing career before this,i took singing lessons before this and i thought all my problems (vocal fatigue breathiness) were due to technique so did my vocal coach and i busted my ass off practicing trying to correct what i thought was my fault, i was wrong it was LPR, now i can't sing a... (16 replies)
... I have been having weird chest feelings for some time now... It all started AFTER i began taking Nexiumm for heartburn which the ENT just looked down my throat and said "You have acid reflux". Great. ... (8 replies)
... months with intense pain that only went away after I had an endoscopy and a stricture was dilated and after being on a high dose of PPIs for all of those months. ... (2 replies)
... My symptom is a weird dull pain in my chest that feels somewhat like burning.. sometimes it kind of feels like a burp is stuck or something, but doesn't ever come out .. ... (6 replies)
... acid reflux shouldn't give me so many symtoms, especially related to throat pain. So he thinks it is throat related. ... (5 replies)
... c of a lump I felt in my throat he told me I had acid reflux and referred me to a GI. ... (16 replies)
... will feel swollen and stiff, and sometimes like my tongue is pulling towards the left. This leads to a feeling of my throat being tightened and that my airway is diminished. It doesn't hurt much and its not so bad that I can't breathe or anything, its just very uncomfortable. ... (68 replies)
... twice a day and that has been helpful. I take my second pill at night in case I do have night time reflux. But the ranitidine was giving me weird side effects like vertigo and dizziness. ... (7 replies)
LPR and vomiting?
Oct 24, 2011
... it starts when I get sick, sore throat, then everything explodes...I feel a weird sensation in my throat and at this point I can't do anything, can't talk, just have like a second to get to the bathroom, then vomit up tons of mucous...then sometimes food. ... (4 replies)
... I'm going for bloodwork this week, but for the past month or so I have this weird fluttering sensation in throat area and then it's followed by me having to burp or weird gas bubbles causing me to have really long burps. Is this strange. ... (5 replies)
... palpitations....I notice its more when I am at a certain angle too I get throat and or spasms in my chest and throat of course I think I am dying.. heart ultrasound and ekg is fine...its a combo of the anxiety and gerd and post nasal drip. ... (3 replies)
... but not another...I also found out that I cant eat M.S.G or a bunch of preservatives. I can eat cooked green peppers but not get the idea....its a real pain in butt...but trust me after years your sanity is more important. ... (2 replies)
... as the stomach issue goes, I only have felt this sensation at times when I get in the "fight or flight" mode. It's not really nauseating and its definitely not a pain as stated, just a weird fullness, like a bland feeling in combination with sitting in the car for a long time. ... (6 replies)

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