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Addressing GERD
Mar 9, 2017
... at the time my GERD was diagnosed. My chief complaints being those of frequent heartburn, lung inflammation and seizures resulting in extreme difficulty in breathing. ... (2 replies)
... lder, bloating, constipation, feeling of fullness and heartburn.. The works. It never went away either. I finally saw my first GI. Told me I had IBS and probably GERD and wanted to do a scope and told me to take benefiber. ... (0 replies)
... another worst face of GERD and acidity.......... ... (29 replies)

... My wheezing stopped when i stopped taking NEXIUM!! 4 weeks on and not a single wheeze or crackle! ... (4 replies)
... to post here and truly get some insight from you all instead of just spying for answers. Honestly, acid reflux is what lit the fire under my butt, and maybe rightfully so. ... (1 replies)
... Typically, treating these symptoms requires getting your GERD under control so that it no longer irritates the esophagus or bronchi. ... (15 replies)
... ray. Could that be from acid reflux? ... (11 replies)
... Hi! I have GERD and got diagnosed with it a little less than 2 years ago. I know it stinks. I also have respiratory problems from my reflux and it has kept me from being active. When I was first diagnosed, no medicines worked. ... (4 replies)
... And the last week, I have noticed a slight wheezing sound while breathing quietly, like a small squeak. ... (4 replies)
... I also suffer from PVC heart palps, GERD, and restless leg syndrome as well as anxiety and I am 31 years old. So while I appear young I have several health issues. ... (7 replies)
... s and ten yrs ago I had an echo and I have been to the ER so many times had enzyme workups and EKG's and God knows what and in the 18 years I have been suffering from GERD and IBS, it has never once been my heart. Does that stop me from panicking? ... (6 replies)
... I am beyond fed up with my annoying and worsening acid reflux. Sometimes it's bad enough to keep me from being physically active. I don't think I can go a day without having a moderate to severe attack that lasts over 2 hours. ... (4 replies)
... I have BAD allergy and sinus problems, and the last time the allergist looked at my throat, he said he could see an endless stream of mucus coming down from the sinuses. I had to have sinus surgery in 2004, and I have a severe dust mite allergy and mold allergy. ... (0 replies)
... however in my lower stomach there was some severe scarring from acid. He explained that even though the damage was down in my stomach area it can cause tons of symptoms in the area I was saying I had them. ... (7 replies)
... Ever since a bout with bronchitis last year, I have been suffering from mild throat irritation, super dry throat and mouth, and sometimes mil wheezing. ... (1 replies)
... Hi, wonder if anyone can offer some solutions to my problems. My symptons are for the past few weeks are; Extreme bloating, which causes breathing problems Tight throat, sometimes a feeling something is stuck in there, feel the need to clear my throat all the time Mild cough from upper chest/throat Wheezing on inhaling i don't have heartburn or burping. (1 replies)
... he other hand, when I think of all of my symptoms, I should not be surprised. They are also weird and vary so much. I often get choking attacks when driving home from work. ... (24 replies)
... that my Dr. feels is from GERD and my pulmonologist feels is asthma? ... (29 replies)
... one went away after using prilosec for a few months. Feeling like I was sucking on a mint and then breathing in very strange feeling while inhaling. I also had wheezing in the past. I had the lump in the throat thing. I had pains that went up my neck and into my ear. ... (48 replies)
... such as Zoloft that affects the brain for something that isn't an issue at times I am not experiencing any anxiety or panic. If anything, anxiety comes strictly from the breathing sensation, not the other way around. ... (0 replies)

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