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... n error when I tried to post it. So, here I go again! Thanks Laura for the update about the Nexium. I'm curious to hear about your progress. I've been taking Xanax for about a year and it's amazing how it helps the tightness in my chest and throat, but I don't like to take it all the time. ... (17 replies)
... It seems to help me quickly. When I get really sick like you with reflux, I take a Xanax. Helps to relieve the anxiety, which makes me worse. Most Dr's won't prescribe since they are known to relax LES but I couldn't make it without them. ... (11 replies)
Is this Gerd?
Jan 24, 2008
... someone who is listening to me. also addressed the pressure in sternum, had ekg which was normal and i have an apptmt with gastro today, but there is not enough xanax in the world to calm me right now. could this just be gerd. ... (1 replies)

... my opinion, and my doctor would not agree as we have had many heated arguments on the subject over the years. As I have said in a previous post, I have never had GERD per say. Gastritis though, many many times. I was diagnosed years ago with IBS. ... (29 replies)
... Hello!!! NancyH - I am sorry that your Acid is so hard to get under control -- I am wondering if being treated for asthma so long instead of the GERD allowed some damage to be done to you - I am so sorry that you are having breathing episodes. I have panic too (take Xanax for it as needed) -- but just like you -- I am always VERY aware of my breathing, chest tightness,... (12 replies)
... then you should ask why, and ask to be given a low dose of Xanax to see if it helps. Good luck. ... (13 replies)
... side effects when it comes to take meds. I prefer the natural route, but if there is absolutely nothing that helps, as a last result I will take the medication. GERD can cause lots of stress and worry and that can lead to anxiety. Wish you the best of luck! ... (29 replies)
... Hope this info helps someone. ... (15 replies)
... those two things cut out of my diet I have been able to go off my PPIs, but I still need to supplement with tums or Gaviscon occasionally. I was also prescribed Xanax because one particular bad episode landed me in the hospital and they said now the stomach issues may be causing anxiety. ... (5 replies)
GERD, Ulcers.
Jan 1, 2011
... If memory serves, Zantac only works for 8 hours. If you are having this many problems, you need to be on a PPI. I've taken almost all of them over the last 16 years with varying results. Remember, each person will have a different reaction to each of the medications. In my case, I've found that Nexium (Esomeprazole) works the best for me. Don't be fooled into thinking... (7 replies)
... I agree. I have anxiety and panic disorder and have been on xanax .05 since 1987. I take three a day to keep things at bay. It also helps my Fribo pain. Most of your symptoms sound to me like anxiety and it will make every little ache and pain feel extreme. I would see if the Dr. ... (7 replies)
... though. Now I am going through acid rebound which is not fun but finally seems to be calming down. I take Xanax in the morning when my stomach starts to hurt and that has made a big difference. I also listen to relaxation tapes and that also helps. ... (12 replies)
... Wow! Christine, it's strange that coke doesn't bother you either since that's supposed to be a real no no. I think coke on ice makes me feel better! I have GERD but suffer more with the LPR symptoms. Like today with this awful PND and mucus stuck in one side of my throat. ... (7 replies)
... how well they helped me recover. I have no issue calling them "wonder drugs". I'm off them now, except that whenever I leave the house I always take one small Xanax pill with me in case I get a flareup. ... (4 replies)
... nd trust that you will be fine. Also try eating VERY small amounts of food several times a day and relax before and after you eat. Also taking walks after eating helps digest better too. I hope this helps. ... (9 replies)
Aciphex question
May 15, 2005
... mg of Xanax helped me when my throat was really tight and constricted. Yes, it has been shown to lower LES pressure, but it works for the strangling feeling. ... (11 replies)
... mg of Xanax helped me when my throat was really tight and constricted. ... (0 replies)
... mg of Xanax helped me when my throat was really tight and constricted. Yes, it has been shown to lower LES pressure, but it works for the strangling feeling. ... (107 replies)
... r and seems to assist in keeping the esophageal sphincter tighter. Also think it has some impact on anxiety which can impact gerd. What I do like about it vs Xanax or other Benzodiazepines is that it does not have the addictive qualities which with long term use can be a issue. I am on 10mg 2X per day. ... (1 replies)
... e gerd....try xanax....just a small amount when you feel really anxious.....stress causes depression....I've had both for 20 years, i'm an expert!! Now just got GERD LOVELY HUH? ... (38 replies)

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