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... I'd go from 2 Nexium a day, to one nexium a day, to two Zantac 150mg a day, to one Zantac a day, then stop gradual reduction in acid supression should ease your body off of the meds. Carry Tums or similar tablets at all times, and suck a couple whenever the symptoms start to first appear (Tums are just calcium, very safe and quite effective) (13 replies)
... I've been on Prevacid, Nexium, Prilosec, and Zantac (not to mention about a million other stomach meds). All these meds, except Zantac, are proton pump inhibitors. My doctor said they are all very similar, but slightly different, and all good. He said whatever works for you is the best. None work for me. Right now I'm on Prevacid 30 mg twice a day, just because my doctor... (41 replies)
... Hell, Hello everyone I have been following your threads about rebound from the beginning I have read threw them all I hope you don't mind me messaging in on here since I know you are kinda a group that have been following and helping each from the start. I too am in a similar situation about PPI mine started around December of last year when I got the flu and took... (206 replies)

Nexium question!
Jan 20, 2010
... Right now my symptons are frequent belching, fullness after eating and wheezing and occassional nausea. The neausea can be controlled with Zantac or Zophran. ... (7 replies)
... I just read your post and felt compelled to reply. Your story sounds similar to mine, only I was dx'd last year and had an upper and lower GI, reflux and been on and off Prevacid mostly. ... (1 replies)
... Nexium is very similar chemically to Prilosec. Prevacid is also available over the counter. ... (4 replies)
... Some people will take an OTC H2 blocker such as Zantac and if you have a flare up you can add Tums or Gaviscon to it. You could try Pepcid Complete which combines a H2 and an antacid similar to Tums. ... (13 replies)
... fingers crossed but all PPIs have similar effects so I'm not getting my hopes up. ... (41 replies)
... the counter, and you could try that. However, there are several prescription PPIs, including Nexium, Prevacid, Aciphex and Protonix. Nexium is made by Astrazenca, the pharma company that also invented Prilosec. ... (5 replies)
... that must be taken more frequently and is less effective at decreasing the reduction of stomach acid. If you have GERD, Zantac alone is probably not strong enough to help treat your reflux. ... (6 replies)
LPR Thoughts
Feb 27, 2008
... My husband has had similar test to what you have had...CT scan, etc. with similar results, which makes them all say, "Can't find anything wrong!!!". ... (21 replies)
GERD relief?
Mar 31, 2017
... I am posting this in the hopes that someone has had a similar situation and can help me get some relief. ... (2 replies)
Gerd Symptoms
Aug 3, 2006
... one every 12 hours. I had mentioned that a friend of mine let me try some Nexium and it seemed to ease my discomfort so she hooked me up with a lot of samples of that and Aciphex but I've never taken any of the Aciphex. ... (95 replies)
... I'd had a stomach ulcer years ago when I was about 22. I'm 27 now. Nexium and similar medicines had always worked well for me at the normal small dose. I would take them on and off, as prescribed by my gastro doctor. ... (1 replies)
... Right now I take Nexium in the morning and then another right before dinner and would like to add zantac but not sure when? ... (107 replies)
... Nexium is a stronger acid suppressant to Zantac, so whilst you got on ok with Zantac it is likely that the Nexium is cutting out too much acid, causing your new type of indigestion. That is exactly what it is. ... (6 replies)
... Flowergirl, thanks for the response. The nexium works for me pretty well. I mean sometimes if I drink too much coffee or too much alcohol I get breakthrough but it is rare. ... (28 replies)
... is board, but have had acid reflux for years. I was put on Prilosec years ago and when that didn't seem to be working after many years, was switched to Nexium. Nexium was working beautifully and I had no problem with it, other than it's cost. ... (2 replies)
... I'm afraid I have similar situation my life sucks now I took nexium on advice of new doc saying I should be on it for life BC I will get cancer etc etc. I was getting minor symptoms here and there ever two weeks or so. ... (8 replies)
... the Nexium and after that is when I started to feel some healing. ... (14 replies)

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