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... and then WAY too low a dosage of Accutane for about six to nine month. That was the first drug that had a noticeable effect... ... (1 replies)
... though I still have a new pustule about once or twice a week or so, just a large red bump that eventually dies. ... (35 replies)
... mg of Accutane sounds like a very minimal dose. I took 40mg, twice a day. ... (2 replies)

Jun 28, 2012
... I have taken Accutane before and it worked wonders to clear up my acne. Side effects are dose dependant, and although they sounds scary, most people tolerate it pretty well. ... (2 replies)
... Thanks for the response... i read over some of the b5 posts and it sounds promising... i actually have a little hope now, something ive been missing for awhile. If i start taking b5, should i stop differin? Also, i saw on a few posts that people had some hair loss related to b5 as a side effect. Can anyone confirm/refute that? Ive had a little thinning of my hair already from... (6 replies)
... very large, cystic pimples per week, on average. The doctor that I saw was very hesitant to prescribe accutane in the beginning, despite my pleading with him to prescribe it. ... (1 replies)
... oxidant white grape extract. the facial scrub isn't harsh at all. and both of 'em smell nice. cheap too. around 3 bucks for both. usually once a day i put on some tea tree oil, too. ... (11 replies)
My life and acne.
Jun 29, 2002
... sed to get really bad, I had a huge lump right by my eye and the doctor injected it with some medicine to make it go down, and now I have a scar there. I was on accutane twice I took the 3 of the 10mg pills a day, then when I was on it the second time I was taking a 20mg and a 10 mg. ... (10 replies)
... i had gone to 3 different derms for each treatment. the 1st one cleared me up fairly easily (aside from the stress/depression that itll never get better and only get worse). the second came back about a month after i was done, but i went on a small treatment that cleared me for about a year. then it came back on my neck/cheeks where my facial hair started coming in thicker.... (4 replies)
... I have taken both of these, and pantothenic acid made me far sicker than accutane did. I'm not suggesting that this is the case for everyone, or even for ANYONE else, but I think we should think twice before blindly recommending a treatment. ... (34 replies)
... I was also on Accutane twice (6 months courses, 60 mg/day; 130 lbs), and my acne came back even after the second course. The first time it came back in 2 months, the second time, in 7. I have pupular-pustular acne that is moderately-severe. Its been 10 months since I have been off Accutane and I started Diane-35 3 months ago with good results. Accutane is not a cure! Good... (8 replies)
... 1) How many mg's were you taking? 80mg every day for 4 months 2) How long until you noticed results? 2 months 3) Did you experience hair loss during treatment? no 4) What moisturizer/cleanser worked best? avene 5) What type of acne did you have?a bit worse than moderate but not cyctic 6) Did it help remove the red marks or how long did they take to subside? yeah but the... (32 replies)
... I took Accutane for 5 months at 80 mg per day (took a 40 mg pill twice a day). I was fortumate that my insurance covered it so each month I paid a $10 co-pay for my office visit/labs and another $10 for my monthly supply of pills. I finished my course about 6 months ago and I am still clear although some of my oiliness has returned (which I expected). I still get some... (7 replies)
... months ago, but still had moderate cystic acne. One week ago I started taking 50 mg Aldactone and now my hair is brittle, my forehead skin is flaky, and my scalp is itchy. ... (9 replies)
... admittedly I do wash my face sometimes 3 times a day but I have to if I want to workout or have to reapply my makeup for the evening time, etc. ... (12 replies)
Apr 18, 2001
... G. About 3 months after my last course, i started noticing some minor hair loss, and thought i was just freaking myself out over nothing. however, its now almost 10 months after i was done the last course and my hair is STILL falling out. ... (16 replies)
... years old. It worked great and controlled my acne for 10 years. ... (1 replies)
... My name is Kim and I have been on Accutane now for almost 2 months. Right now I am on 60 mg. I too have more acne on my back and tops of arms then I do on my face. ... (2 replies)
... IU of vitamin A a day for three months, then reducing the dose to 10,000 IU a day. ... (1 replies)
... The bad news is that it's not an overnight fix. Taking 500 mg of Methionine twice a day would help your hair not be so brittle. ... (14 replies)

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