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Hi all. I am brand new so I just wanted to start off by saying hello :)

Long story short, I've had acne since I started going through puberty (age 11). I have been to almost every dermatologist in my area and have been on antibiotics and every prescription cream you can think of. I've also been on birth control pills for a while, and the pills actually CLEARED my acne completely for about a year and a half... But now it's back with a vengeance. I am a female, I just turned 24, and I'm losing my mind. Like I said, I've always had acne, but I really don't ever remember it looking like it does now.

I have huge, HUGE pimples on my chin and near my mouth and jawline. And when I say huge, I mean huge. They don't even resemble pimples, they look more like boils. They do not look normal and sometimes they get so swollen they almost look disfiguring. I'll get some smaller pimples on other areas of my face, but my chin, mouth and jawline is really taking a beating. I've had my hormones tested multiple times and everything is ok. I know there are worse things in the world than acne, but jeez come on! I'm 24!

If anyone has a similar story to like, please share! And pleeeease share if anyone has any advice :/ I have an appointment with my derm next week but I doubt he'll be able to help.

Thanks everyone!
Hi there. I too, suffered cystic acne for years. I had done two rounds of accutane, and both times my acne cleared up, only to return when I went off the acutane. I now have neurological disease..

The thing which helped me tremendously was laser treatments. I used IPL lasers. You can look them up. I had to find a medical spa- and only had a doctor board certified in dermatology who was certified to use different lasers. The IPL laser actually shrunk the pores, and medicine was injected deep into my skin- for five years now, I have been cyst free. Only getting the occasional pimple, but not cyst.

It was expensive and Im told that I may need maintenance- doing it again - the first round was 6 sessions, 4 weeks apart- I may need to do touch up sessions to keep it working...but after 5 years, Its still working. It was expensive and insurance didnt cover it- but worth every single dime!

Look into may help you.

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