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Red bumps on face
Sep 29, 2015
I keep getting these red spots on my cheeks under my nose and on my chin. I am 23 years old and I have never had any skin problems before. I went to my family doctor and she recommended going to a dermatologist and he told me it was a former of adult rosecea and gave me a gel to put on it. The gel only made it about 10 times worse and the only thing I that has worked to clear it up are steroid pills and I obviously cannot take them for too long or forever so I am trying everything I can to find help. I went to an esthetician and I showed her the photos of what I had going on and she said that she was no doctor but told me that she did not believe it was rosecea and that maybe it was the birth control I was on that was causing hormonal acne. I started taking it in May of this year and my face started "breaking out" in July. I can not seem to get an appointment with any other dermatologist that takes my insurance at least not for a few months and I am willing to wait but cannot live with my face the way that it is and keeps showing up. It comes out of nowhere and the only face wash that I use is an oatmeal bar of soap from the healthfood store and only wear makeup for work. Some of the red bumps have a head and pus and it starts off really small and then I will wake up and it will just explode all over my face and looks just awful. I am reaching out for help until I can seem to get a second opinion. If anyone has any advice or has seen this and thinks they can help I am open to any and all suggestions. As I said I am 23 years old and have never had skim problems and I would just like my life back!!
Its really hard to tell what is going on, but it sounds like your aestician might be right. Adult acne can be in the form of cystic acne. Its mostly under the skin and it rarely comes to a head. It can be very painful and almost nothing helps except antibiotics or steroids. I have suffered with this for 20 years- trying every single over the counter remedy available.
Eventually, I went to a medical spa, where they did a laser treatment. It actually helped to shrink the pores and kill the bacteria. Its not cheap and it is painful for a day...(like a bad sunburn) but it was so worth it. You can look into IPL laser techniques.
You should call the derm back and request to be put on the cancellation list. In case anyone cancels...also, there has to be more than one dermatologist who takes your your insurance in your city. Call your insurance company and ask...someone will get you in before that amount of time. Or, you can call the one you are dealing with and tell them its an emergency, you need to get in. Tell them you are worried its something dangerous!
In the meantime, try warm compresses. As warm as you can stand them, for ten minutes- keep heating up a washcloth and holding it to your face. If this brings some of it to a head, DONT SQUEEZE, but put on a strong acne medicine over night...see if this makes any difference at all. If it doesnt, it probably isnt a cyst. It might be roseaca-
You can talk to your gyn about trying a different b/c as well...some of them actually help clear up your skin.
Good luck!

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