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Hi . You have alot going on with your thing which stood out to me that you should consider is the sun. The sun will bring out acne marks faster than anything else. It might hide them for alittle while when you are lightly tanned, but as soon as the sun reaches the deeper skin layers, the acne marks will become visable and be harder to remove. You should always stay out of the sun with acne, and use a sunscreen when you need to be in the sun. Even in the Ocean.

You sound like you are using good cleansing products- I use alot of the same ones and also use coconut oil as a makeup remover. Make sure you wash your face well after you use it though, the oily residue it leaves can clog pores.

you might want to try washing your pillow case more often. I wash mine every other day, and put a clean towel over the pillow when I dont have time to wash it.

Hormones can play a big part in this, but so can diet. If I drank milk, I would break out all the time. Also, anything high in carbs, most breads and junk food, breaks me out. I switched to almond milk and cleaned up my diet to eat alot more fruit and veggies, and it helped. BEcause you cant control your hormones, not knowing how old you are, have you considered going on birth control? This helps alot of people with acne.

I resorted to first accuatane, (3 times) which only worked while I was on it, and then stopped working, and then to antibiotics as needed. 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off. I have had laser IP work done. This makes the sebaceous glands smaller and produce less oil- it helped significantly. Ive also had laser resurfacing done, to get rid of the scarring. This also helped allot.

please see a dermatologist. It sounds like at this point, you are going to need to jump start this with something internal, not just external. Be careful of the sun- it will make it worse (The scarring) and good luck!


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