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To begin with, I have been very lucky until now to have never dealt with any major skin issues. I am in my early twenties. I've had the occasional pimple here or there beginning in my early teens, but I've never dealt with anything like THIS.

I recently moved (very suddenly and unexpectedly) from south Texas to northern Montana. I have lived in the mid-south and on the east coast all my life until now. I have been in Montana for about three months now.

Shortly after moving to Montana I developed a small patch of acne on my forehead. Within a few weeks the acne spread across the length of my forehead, down to my chin, and is now popping up on my chest and back. I have never suffered from acne on any place of my body other than the odd pimple on my face, and it seems that this outbreak is taking over my body.

I have not changed much in the way of my diet, and until the acne outbreak I used the same facial cleansers that I have been using for months before with no issues.

I've tried drying it out with tea tree oil. I've tried exfoliating, moisturizing, overnight spot treatments, leaving it completely alone, and nothing is proving to be helpful. I'm at my wits end here and I don't know what else to do but ask for some advice.

Unfortunately my current employer does not offer an affordable health insurance policy that would allow me to see a dermatologist without paying full price. I would like to avoid that, if at all possible, and any advice would be enormously appreciated.

Heather, anything from the change in the water to a change in your detergent which you wash your sheets and towels with can cause acne, but it can also be hormones. In your early 20s, your hormones are actually changing from the pubescent hormones you are used to to more adult hormones.

And, unfortunately, no amount of tea tree or exfoliating will help, you actually might be making it worse as when you dry your skin out, your skin manufactures more oil to replace it. You are in a dry climate as well- so the outside skin of your face is probably being exposed to elements, even though its summer.

Try using very gentle cleansers AND an oil free mosituizer on your skin for a few weeks. At night, apply a spot treatment which contains benzoil peroxide. Dont scrub your skin to death, but keep it clean, washing it gently twice a day. Make sure you are keeping your cell phone and anything that touches your face clean too- they transfer bacteria.

If trying this doesnt help, you will need an antibiotic. If you cant see a derm, maybe you can see a regular doctor who can prescribe something for you. Many regular GPs know quite a bit about acne.
Good luck!

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