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I felt a pimple growth which had a small white head on it on my nose side. I started doing icing and I put balm and Sebogel (salicylic acid) to stop the pimple growth; I had kept on doing this for 4 days . After that, the pimple growth stopped and it didn't get bigger but still the small white head and the small bump of that pimple could be felt and seen; the white head was much inside the skin so I wasn't able to pop it and I even saw the formation of a black skin on it, it would be there because of balm and ice. My question is, will that pimple which has a bump and a small white head which is under my skin ever go away by their own without popping and how much time will that bump take to go away? I can't pop it because that white head is much inside the outer skin and I will never pop it and that small white head of that pimple hasn't come to the skin. Will that pimple go away by their own and how much time will that bump of that pimple take to go away?

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