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so basically I had perfect skin/mild acne up until I was 17,I was fit(slightly underweight and very active) and not to sound modest but I was a pretty girl,then the doctors made me take progestrin pills to check my endrocine system and ever since I took them my life has fallen apart :( my skin became really oily and i started getting weird pustule bumps on my face and forehead which i had never experienced before,then i started getting dandruff and an itchy scalp and in the next few months I lost 60% of my hair and my face got puffy which was devastating :( I went to a dermatologist because my skin had gotten rely sensitive and started flaking and she gave me doxcycline which i took for 6 weeks then had to stip as it made my skin 1000 time worse and made me get red itchy bumps/pustules all over my face and chest and back :( so now i am going to try accutane and I'm scared as i didn't respond normally to the doxcycline so what if i don't respond normally to the accutane?I have become seriously depressed over this,I have gained 16kgs and feel disgusting and never leave my house because in just a short period of time I have gone from a 10/10 to about a 2. I don't mean to sound vein,I'm not, i would never judge anyone for their appearance or would treat them differently because of it but i am a people pleaser and hate letting people down and feel that I don't live up to their expectations anymore and I am just so ashamed of myself.Also, I use to exercise all the time as i loved it it was my passion but my skin has held me back as not only am i embaressed to leave my house but whenever my skin gets sweaty or oily it itches so i can't even exercise for long :( i can't wear make up either as its so sensitive.My life was so great up to this point and i just feel like i will never get it back now as i will always thrive to be the pretty happy girl i once was,its frustrating to think that if i just didn't give into peer pressure to take these pills i wouldn't be in this situation as i had never taken pills all my life up until last year (i am 18 now) acne has ruined my life and i don't feel like me anymore and i don't know what to do :(

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