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Hello, my name is Jess and I'm 21 years old
I've had acne since about 15 years old and have been through a continuous process of different topical treatments, antibiotics, pills, herbal pills, dietary changes and nothing seems to change my skins apperance.
I started off on topical treatments which at first worked for maybe 3 months and then my severe boil like acne would come back all over my face, I'd then move to other creams which would dry my skin and make it literally split open
When I felt old enough I went on the pill to help my skin and started on Dianette which was absolutely brilliant and was on it for 2 1/2 years, however as some may know the doctors won't let you have it for more than 2 years, I then moved to Yasmin which did nothing and then to a variety of others, again no luck. I've also tried taking acne antibiotics with the pill and nothing seems to change.
I've also been to a dermatologist but am totally against and dubious about trying the roacctaine treatment as I've heard it dries your skin and makes you feel very low.
I'm now a month into my Orth-Tr-Cyclin pill and no changes seem to have happens however my spots which were once all over are not longer on my forehead, but all over my cheeks, chin and neck. Was curious if to any of you had been on this pill and wondered if this was a sign of the spots working there way off my face and whether it just starts or bad and gets better
I'm feeling like there's almost nothing there for me and am sick of this vicious cycle of spots which cannot be especially at my age. I was also thinking that maybe coming off the pill all together would maybe do something and let my hormones balance out by themselves but I'm not sure. I've also got myself this thing got a zit zapper which is light treatment however this just doesn't seem to work, would regular sun beds maybe put the acne at bay?
Can someone help? Maybe some of you have had these same issue, or have tried other things then please let me know

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