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I'm getting married on Tuesday night...Two days from now.

The past couple weeks have been stressful as hell, my mom was diagnosed with cancer and we decided per her request to feel well at the wedding to have a small ceremony now and then in 6 months when our original wedding is planned.

I used to suffer from cysts regularly on my chin but it's been a long time since I've had to deal with one rearing its ugly head... what started out as a black head is now a throbbing large red cyst on my chin. A small white head formed yesterday and stuff came out but turns out that was something else entirely bc the underlying cyst is still there. I was SO hopefully that whitehead was this cyst and it would be down today, but I was wrong. I can see this thing will never have a head, it's a bonafied deep cyst.

I know considering what is going on with my mother this is petty but i still would like to look my best in my dress on the day I marry my best friend. It's very red and makeup isn't helping much.

So on to the advice, today is Sunday and my derm can get me in tomorrow morning for an injection. By the time of my ceremony on Tuesday it would be about 31 hours since the injection. I'm worried this won't be enough time for some of the swelling / redness to subside. It's been so long since I've had an injection that I can't even remember how long mine usually take to go down.

Do you think I should try anyways? Does anyone have experience with a cysts swelling going down within a day?

What a mess. So much on my mind and now dealing with this stupid thing taking over my face.

Any advice is appreciated!

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