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I would not use any of these exfoliators. The person at Sephora does not understand the use of these products you are already using.

You are stripping your skin, causing the flakiness. If you exfoliate, you are going to dry it out even further, causing your skin to produce extra oils to replenish what is missing. The products you are using already have Benzoil Peroxide and Adapalene, both of which exfoliate your skin. What you are missing is moisture.

You need to add some non comedogenic oils to your routine. A few drops of Grapeseed oil, found at a health food store is a really good choice. Just a few drops after your daily routine OR before bed, will give your skin that glowy look, without adding oil to your skin and causing it to break out.

Ive had acne all my life....once I started adding moisture in the form of healthy good for your skin oils to my routine, my acne cleared up and my skin looks great!

Dont exfoliate any'll just undo the good you have already done.

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