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Well before you get too wigged out, some of the molecularly similar "ingredients" in urine can also be found a lot of skin care treatments. It is not exactly identical to urine, it's similar to a component OF urine.

Using urine is not that far off, nor is it that bizarre.

Many cultures use urine and dung for all sorts of things,... masks to cover the body, acne treatments, for their hair,...

I saw a special on the Discovery channel recently about a place in India that reveres cow urine. In fact, it is so protected and sacred and believed in that you can find cows all over the place, in the streets, by restaurants or communities, -- a female cow tied to a post, with people lining up to cup their hands and collect the urine which they then splash on their bodies. They believe it is a blessing. These people also sprinkled it around and in their house to protect it.

If I'm not mistaken, urine itself is pretty sterile. It's when it comes in contact with OTHER stuff, such as bacteria, that it starts to get nasty. (Excluding, of course, existing infections, diseases, or deficiencies).

In one of the doctor's offices I worked at, I can remember this couple coming in who told us they were doing this urine therapy stuff. This was NOT recommended, endorsed, approved, accepted or anything else by our doctors, but it was one of the (many) "alternative" things this couple got into. They drank their urine. They also fasted (they fasted, and they fasted their dog, too) -- once per week. They did some things that seemed sort of,... well at least kind of interesting with some remote merit. They also had some practices that were more on the fringe.

Not too much freaks me out. I've either heard or seen so much of what's out there,... you'd be surprised. (me personally, anyway).

Ya know, this day, I don't remember exactly what the benefits of drinking your own urine were supposed to be. I suppose in a drout -- it's sterile and won't be rejected by your body, but the purification process means you're excreting it because it is not useable by your body -- to then drink it is drinking excess.

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