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Hey everyone.

I've been on a vitamin regimen to control my acne for about 4 months now. I take 5 grams of b5 per day along w/ Vitamins A, C and E, Zinc, an EFA three times per day plus a b50 complex. I drink about 64 oz of water, exercise regularly and eat healhty the majority of the time.

My acne has cleared up dramatically from the bad breakout I had last fall. HOWEVER...

I believe I am developing side effects from b5 or one of the other vitamins I take daily. My hair which was very healthy before has turned dry, brittle and lifeless. It used to be very wavey, thick and nice. Now, it's so hard to manage. I hear this is a side effect of too much vitamin A OR b5. Anyone else have this problem?

Also, I feel very lathargic especially when consuming alcohol. I used to be able to drink all night long and party w/ the best of them. Now, after two or three drinks, I'm ready to go to bed and I am really not even buzzing! I'm only 23 and no, I don't party my *** off. I usually go out once or twice a month. On Saturday, I had 2 beers and 2 LITs between 8-12 and I could barely hold my eyes open. I used to be able to dance non stop and I was having to sit down to keep my head from spinning! My alcohol tolerance was super high before this. I could drink beer, 5-6 rum n cokes, shots, etc and not even get the slightest bit sick.

I have to wonder... is this from b5? I posted a question similar to this a few months ago and the poster replied seemed very helpful. She told me to drink water while drinking my alcoholic beverages b/c my system was probably depleting itself of b vitamins too rapidly.

Has anyone else experienced these crappy side effects w/ b5 or other vitamins????

I'd hate to give up a clear complexion for partying and nice hair... but damn...

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