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hey guys.. i am new here. i've actually been lurking for months, reading posts and getting ideas, but i decided to finally sign up and post something. i am a 24 year old female..

first of all, let me say that i really didn't start getting bothersome acne (i used to have an occasional breakout) until I was 17 or so. i never did have great skin once i hit puberty though. so now i am 24 and i am tired of dealing with this! i have tried retin A, bezamyacin (forgive my spelling!), cleocin T, and a bunch of other otc topicals. i was also on a tetracycline for a few months.. monodox or something. i have tried washing with aha for a 3-month period, and i even tried b5. oh and i have done bc pills too.. tried orthotricyclene & mircette. ortho made me gain weight & mircette made me emotional. they kind of helped me control acne on my chin, but the side effects were not worth the minor changes they made on my face.

i have acne on my chin, large pores on my nose & cheeks (therefore a lot of blackheads), and those little white bumps on my forehead. every once in awhile i will get a cyst on my cheek too.

so now that i have bored you with my history.. i want to throw a theory out at you all. i have noticed that among my friends with adult acne (some into their 30's & nearing 40), the one similarity i consistantly find between me & them is carbs. we eat lots of refined carbohydrates... lots of breads, and tons of SUGAR.

i also have noticed that if i go nuts & eat a ton of such foods, i will break out in a day or two. of course it took me years to find this.. but i feel slightly enlightened. one other finding i have made on the carb addiction-acne connection is that i lived in hawaii for three years, and i saw some of the worst cheek acne i have ever seen... in all ages. coming from the midwest, i was not used to seeing so much of that type of acne. so why hawaii, you may ask?? RICE! there is white rice served with everything in hawaii. it's even at mcdonalds... people eat it with breakfast.

so now that i have discovered this, and did some internet searches on carbohydrate addiction/acne, i decided to try it myself. i just started yesterday :)

i am going to TRY to stick with it, but i know it will be tough. please let me know if you have any thoughts on this or even if you too think you are addicted to carbs like i think i am.

BTW, i am not claiming that this is the cause of everyone's acne. i know a lot of people don't believe that diet has any effect. i am going to try it though, because nothing else has ever helped!!

thanks for reading this long post.. let me know if you have any input.

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