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Hi all,
Ok I am going to write this diary as information for all of you interested …let me give you a backup on my history for ref. Age=28, Female, Acne=mild to moderate, Location=jaw line, (for 14 years…although currently not there with elimination of sugar), upper chest, and upper back (mild), frequency=high before period, low after period. I would say I am 100% clear one week out of the month. Type of acne=pimples, not cystic currently (although was cystic around jaw line). Have I tried BCPs before? No. Am I currently on any other medication? No. Am I taking any supplements? Yes. What? Flaxseed oil sporadically and zinc sporadically (when I feel a cold coming on). Dietary changes? I don’t eat nor have I eaten refined sugar in past 9 months. This has cleared me of cystic acne, however I still break out on my chest and back which I believe to be hormonal…hence my trying the ortho-tri. Another perhaps important fact is that at age 20 I developed a very large fibroid tumor which was surgically removed along with an ovary…so I only have one ovary left. Doctors have informed me that this won’t afftect my chances of getting pregnant if I wish to, nor will my hormone levels be affected. Well, that was 7 years ago and I don’t feel different hormonally and my other ovary is fine so I don’t know…maybe the bcp will be good for me, or not.

So I will let you all know how it goes. I took my first pill last night. I really don’t expect this to work; I just hope it doesn’t make my acne much worse. I decided to go with the ortho-tri as I have read some people experience bad breakouts from all the diff. Bcps, and some clear up from them…so it just depends on the person. I just think that with my history thrown in here it may help you decide that if you want to go the BCP route, if ortho-tri may be the route for you.



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