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As any of you know who may have read some of my posts, I get these little oil filled pimples which most clearly seem like the pore was closed and the oil couldn't get out, thus it got trapped. If I don't release it, which takes only a gentle touch of a tweezers, the oil keeps building. They don't just dry out. After the oil is released, they generally scab over almost immediately and are a little red, then I put the mint julep mask on them to dry them up. I get these usually under the nose and along the sides and around the mouth. Just when I think they may be going away for good, I get more. Now I'm talking 3 in one area and 4 in another and maybe another 3 over there. and always close together or at least in the general vicinity. You know how it is. They rarely have anything but oil (clear) in them and sometimes are a little swollen, but most of the time I catch them when they are just forming. Why is this?? I have been on yasmin for about 8 weeks (all active pills) and about 50 mg per day of spiro since september, and accutane every other day for about 4 years. I also use glycolic facial wash at night.....wash only with water in the am and use jojoba oil twice daily since 8 weeks ago. Is it just me?? Do any of you get these?? Also If I get one , it seems like another comes in its place maybe a week or a month later. Is it acne or am I fighting something else. Does this sound like any of you?? Now don't get me wrong , It does seem better overall since starting the yasmin, but I am still getting them. Also, it seems like I always have flared a little during the second week of each yasmin pack.....of which I am on my 3rd pack because I skip the white pills and just start another pack. Any reason this would happen?? I thought yasmin is monophasic??

Any thoughts, gals???
L :)

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