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Re: DeeDeeWith3
Nov 8, 2003
Wow, thank you again. I did need that hug today. I am trying very hard to deal with this, I cannot say how mych your replies mean to me. There are a select few in my life that have shown me support, but no one that has been through it.

I have seen three dermatologists in the last two months. They all rush me out so quickly that I'm crying as I leave. They all say that it takes time and to make an appointment in two months. I was trying to ask questions to the last derm and he said "Listen, I don't have time to sit here all day and go through all of your options for you. Either get started with the Retin-A and take care of it now or don't. I can't make your decisions for you". He's actually the one I think I liked the best. The previous one gave me an Rx for Differen and said, "Well, we'll try and tackle this topically but don't get your hopes up". I was very depressed about that until I decided to get another opinion. So, except for the prescription, I don't find the dermatologist to be much of a help, let alone a support.

As for my routine, I must keep it simple or it worsens the situation. I wash w/ Cetaphil, BP and Hydrocortisone on the spots, and Essence C Lite Moisturizer. My derm gave me the Essence C 2 weeks ago and I really like it. It is VERY DRY here in the mountains. That's it. I get scared of using any other products because my skin is so sensitive. It is white, white, white. So, if I don't breakout in pimples, I will with red marks, bumps or burns. For example, last year I tried Dr. Murad products. They burned my face with a snadpaper like rash so bad that I was put on prednisone for a week to calm it down.

As for accutane - it was the single worst 6 months of my entire life - major anxiety and depression, severe acne, peeling, weight gain, tiredness, etc. I got through it because I thought that it would cure me. Now that I know that it's not a cure, I don't know if I can handle it again. Especially not for one year of clear skin (after all I will be dealing with this for another 30-40 years, right?).

Donna, thank you for your support. I think I will have a good day today.


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