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I'm breaking out around the mouth, with tiny little oil filled pimples......almost like sweat would be trapped under the skin and form a bubble. And they do not go away until the oil is released. Honestly they would just get bigger and stay for weeks! Other than that, I've noticed in the last day or so that on my cheeks, (that I thought were clearing) some of the "old" ones must have oil or junk underneath the skin and they are starting to form again. I'm not sure if they didn't go away the first time or what. They are clearly in the same places as old ones. Why is that?? I am caught between trying to dry them up with Mint julep.....which I've been doing since yesterday...and just letting them come out. The problem is they usually only come so far and then stay for weeks!!

Also, I know what your saying about the shock to my body by taking the pill after going thru menopause. I haven't had a period is 5 years so my body is probably in a state of @#@#@ !!! But if I'm not using the inactive pills, why then during the end of the 2nd week of every pill pack so far would this happen?? I know I am keeping my fingers crossed., its hard though. With a monophasic pill, I thought everything just stayed balanced and level. And with me taking spiro every day, I just really thought this would be worked into my system by now. What do you think? You seem to know much more about this than me> :)

Thanks (AGAIN)

L :)

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