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Ahhh people here is my situation. When i was small like 10 i had a small zit on my arms...yea on i poped it, n then i got few more on arms n i kept poping them. Today i have really really small zits, barely noticable on arms, but i have brown and white spots. On my upper arms I dont have zits but there are just alot of small red marks. Then my face and chest and back...auch...My face over the summer cleared up alot and then i went to this camp to help disabled kids, after sooo much stress and bad sanitary conditions there my face literary exploded. I had these huge pimples on my neck where i shaved. The huge pimples are now gone, but there are still dark spots and smaller red spots/acne. My back and chest i guess are like that from working out. I am 17 and to be honest i am really messed up bc of it. B4 i had small problem with acne, but after this summer and that camp i dont want to leave my house or anything, my only plan is to clear up as soon as possible and have a nice skin all over b4 university. I am currently taking doxyciline 100 mg which is somewhat working(i ran out one time n weirdly my face started to get better by itself after), i drink wine (it helps ALOT with brown spots, i mean i took them the brown spots are gone n pimples smaller), i am suppose to take retin A n sum other gel, but these gels just irritate my skin. Honestly i think my skin gets better when i just dont touch it at all. I am just lookin to take some pills for the acne all over my body, but i am not sure what should work. If you guys had any similar experiences or know how to get rid of these suckers plz leave a post...Thanks

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