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I've had moderate acne all my life - my first pimple was in second grade! (of course, it didn't actually become acne until MUCH later, but nonetheless..)
I was put on Finevan (azelaic acid cream) - it got better and then a LOT worse. Then it was antibiotics, which did nothing. I'm on my third month of Yasmin, and it's helped, but not totally.
Unfortunatly, my doctor has listening problems because when I asked her to prescribe me a cream or something in addition to the pill, she heard, "Switch pills" - so now I will be starting Ortho Tri-Cyclen next month - and I'm scared. I'm standing up in a wedding in a month and a half, and not only is my face broken out (or prone to breakouts), but so is my chest, back, and shoulders - and with a spaghetti strap, low-back won't be fun if I get the results that I've read on boards like this one and others.
Someone please tell me that either it didn't effect their skin at all within the first month.
Also, how many people experienced weight gain? I've been struggling with weight for a few years now, too, and I certainly don't want to increase TWO of my biggest problems..
Thank you!
-First time poster hoping to come back a lot more.
I took ortho tri cyclen for one year. It made my acne worse during that time. Then right after I stopped taking it I broke out HORRIBLY worse than I ever had probably. I am convinced it was because of the ortho. I have since read a lot of women have said the same thing happened to them so I would advise you to NOT take ortho. Stay on Yasmin.

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