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I am so glad that so many of you have had luck with Yasmin, but I feel the need to let you guys in on this, not because I want to scare anyone or rain on your parade, but because I know how hopeless it can feel when something does not work. I have gone through it too many times, myself.

I went on Yasmin a year ago and after an initial breakout (not so bad) for the first 3 months, my face got very clear...not completely, but much better. It stayed that way for about 4 months and then I began to develop cystic acne on my chin and jawline that was fierce and worse than I had ever had.

I stopped taking Yamin this week and got my period. I will start Demulen on Sunday because I think that the Yasmin (primarily because of the Spironolactone in Yasmin) was bringing about the cysts. (which, I know, is exactly the opposite of what Spiro is supposed to do for you) In my case, all I can say, is that my face has been horrible lately and the only reason I take the pill is for my skin.

Since stopping Yasmin, my old cysts are about half way healed and I have not developed one new cyst in a week. That is EXTREMELY rare for me, whether I have my period or am in the middle of a pill cycle. I am afraid to hope that this is working for me, because I get my hopes up as my skin gets better and then, in other cases, it gets worse again, but I want to believe I have it figured out this time. :)

My POINT here is this....Yasmin DOES work for many people and I am not discouraging anyone from using it....but if you seem to develop worse skin 6 months or so down the road, there are other pills out there that may suit have to explore. Some people think that Yasmin and OTC are the only pills for skin help, but that's not the case. A good OBGYN will tell you that.

Good luck to all of you.
[QUOTE=coloradogirl1]Oh My Face,

Did you ever get pregnant? I am pregnant now and have the most beautiful skin! I went from devasting moderate acne to crystal clear, I feel beautiful skin within a week or so of becoming pregnant. I wish I could be pregnant forever, that would solve my problem! I'm just trying to prepare myself with a plan of action for after I give birth and the acne all comes back - I know I'm going to be horrified! I juts hope that if pregnancy hormones does the trick, so will BC.[/QUOTE]

That's the rub!! I want to get pregnant and have been told that my skin would be better if I did, but the period of time that it would take to get pregnant, is where I break out badly. Right now, I have been off the pill for a week because of my period and I am healing from my last breakout, but have not developed any new ones.

I have considered maybe skipping a few pills here and there throughout the year to try to get pregnant while I am ovulating and just making sure to take a pregnancy test at the first sign of possible pregnancy so that I can stop taking it...then my skin would stay better up until the point that my hormones took over!

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