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I've been on Yasmin for only one month but i see an improvment already in my skin. But so you know, I've had two facials within the past 6 weeks. It was a deep pore cleansing with extractions! It hurts like hell but it does give you great results. The other great thing about Yasmin is that it has helped so much with bloating! I think I lost like 4 lbs! It's a great feeling! Anyway, I think Yasmin is great! I love it. I don't even feel bloated......I'll see next week when i get my i get it. I probably only have like a couple zits on my face. They're barely noticable. I've been cleasing my face with Glytone's acne kit. It's very drying but i only use the toner maybe 2x week. But then i just moisturise like crazy cuz i'm so flaky and dry. I normally have very oily skin too. i've been using Neutrogena's healthy defense spf 30 moisturizer untinted. It's not bad at all. I might actually need something a little more creamier.
[QUOTE=KillerBoots,man]I didn't have an initial breakout on Yasmin. I feel like it was just what I needed, because I started feeling better really soon after starting it. I was going through hell before I started taking it though, lots of cysts and oily unpredictable skin. Now I am about to start my 3rd month and I feel so much better as well as looking better. It isn't guarenteed that you will have an initial breakout...I just wanted to say thhat to those who are thinking about taking it. I was really scared to start taking it because of all of the people talking about their breakouts...Hopefully you will get lucky like I did.[/QUOTE]

Killerboots, if it's okay, I was wondering how old you are? Also, was your acne from a recent strange breakout? Or was your acne something that you had since you were a teenager?

Just wondering.

Cause my acne is just the strangest thing ever! I got it a month and a 1/2 ago, and I'm 23... the right whole side of my face, and a little bit of my chin on the left side is just completley destroyed! I can't wear make up it's so bad. :confused:

I'm hoping I don't get the initial breakout. But I'm ready to deal if I do.
I guess you just have to tough it out for the first 3 to 6 months?

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