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Re: To jenguard82
Nov 13, 2003
the reason i chose to avoid accutane because my acne is hormonal related and spiro is known to help women with that type of acne (mainly cystic on chin area). i have read that with accutane, the acne can come back and most likely won't work for hormonal type acne. i'm also real afraid of the side effects so the spiro was my last choice before the accutane. if it didn't work, i would of done the accutane but since it's been a miracle for me, i'm sticking with it. i do however have to have my blood checked every 2 months to make sure it's not affecting anything in my body.. so far so good. i haven't had a cyst in so long. i have read that a woman can take it for long periods of time with rests in between. there is a woman that was on this board who was on it for 5 years and no side effects. hopefully i can be on it as long as needed. anyway, what is the program your doc has you on? i would prefer not to take any type of medication but i think of it like a someone who has to take medication for their heart. it's a daily routine until something else comes along that will cure the acne for good. thanks for your response. if you have any other questions, let me know :-)

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