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[QUOTE=guns2323]Had my 1st appt. with Dr. E this morning, and we agreed to *try* the smoothbeam procedure starting after the New Year. He did say that it may not work well for the acne scars I have (big pores and little dents), but we'll still try it and see. It was more of a free consultation today than anything else, but he was great, and the staff was friendly. Thanks again for the referral horsies. How are you doing? How's everyone else doing with SB? :confused:[/Q

Im doing pretty good so far after my second treatment- still my right check and my chin continue to break out - I had to use a little duac cream on those areas to help get the acne down but im still holding at about 95% clear. ( still no regretes for trying the smoothbeam ) but im guessing this isnt going to be a long term acne preventer for me- probly something i might have to get done every few months to maintain the results. But they say u need at least 3 or 4 treatments to see full benifiets from this- my third treatment will be mid January and if i need i will go for the forth after that just to see if it helps me more/
Guns2323- I hope Dr. E is going to get your insurance to pay- did he say anything about that??? I wish you the best of luck with your treatment- keep us updated.

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