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Hello, like many people on here I have visited dermatologists countless times & tried many over the counter or off of tv acne products that never worked. I have had acne for many, many years & thought nothing would ever work & was ready to give up. That is until one day I was reading in a magazine about this painless noninvasive procedure called ClearLight that boasts at clearing acne by %70 in 4 weeks. I thought at first it had to be a gimmick, but when I read that mostly Cosmetic surgeons use this procedure that involve using light from a laser to kill acne bacteria, I thought maybe it had some merit behind it. So I researched it on the internet & it stated that basically you have to go to 8 sessions which are scheduled for twice a week for 4 weeks at 15 minutes a session. I thought that would be easy to do twice a week for 4 weeks for 15 minutes at a time. I had also heard that Clear Light was safe for black skin & skin that had hyperpigmentations so I really was interested in it. I found out that it costs between $600-$1000 total for the 8 sessions & that you can usually pay for half up front & the rest midway through. I had a problem with acne, blackheads, whiteheads, & mild scarring which all got worse from trying to cover it up with makeup over the years & I knew if I didn't do something my skin would be ruined forever.

So I went in for the consultation & they gave me a hyperpigmenation kit to use prior to Clearlight to help with the discoloration & dark spots. They took pictures of my face & it was absolutely awful without the makeup so they knew I needed help. After my second session, I am not kidding I noticed a very visible improvement in my skin & by the 4th session my skin was like night & day. It has been a little over two months since I finished my 8 sessions & if I could show you the before & after pictures you would be in shock. I used to wear make-up for years & now I don't wear it anymore & don't plan on ever wearing it again. Family members & coworkers are in shock. ClearLight (not same as Smoothbeam) is taking the country by storm & was well worth the money to me to have near totally clear skin in one month. I am so glad I did it & now I just go back once a month or two to maintain it.

Now I have gone back to have microdermabrasion done on the scarring that occurred when I had acne & this is like a miracle too because after just two sessions so far my scarring & enlarged pores are starting to minimize. It is amazing because Cosmetic surgeons are lightyears ahead of dermatologists & you don't have to have surgery to treat acne problems contrary to popular belief. Microdermabrasion is nonivasive also & just involves the sensation of sandpaper passing over your skin to remove dead skin & exfoliate your skin. It only lasts for 15 to 30 minutes & your face might be red for a couple of hours & that is it. Best of all it is very safe for people of color unlike some other procedures. You are supposed to see optimal results after 4 to 6 sessions of that. So in the next month or so my skin could be completely clear with no evidence that I ever had acne at all. Microdermabrasion ranges from $75 per session to $150 but they do sometimes sell 3 or 6 sessions on discount. I also take zinc in addition to the treatments to help my skin heal faster & a multivitamin everyday to help also. It is worth looking in to for anyone who is frustrated & ready to give up because the set up is so convenient & the results for me have been astounding. Research this yourself & look for before & after photos on the internet to see. Good Luck everyone.

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