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Re: Skin Picking
Nov 23, 2003
I have had this problem since I got acne, and got really bad in college. I am not totally over it but have done alot better by doing ALOT OF THERAPY. What worked for me is to get to my feelings of ugliness and embarassment with the acne. It also helps me to remember all the bad times when it comes to picking. When I want to pick all my clogged pores on my face I remember the worse times like making a clogged pore infected and a cyst by picking, having to wear a bandaid cause I picked at a cyst, having secondary green infection from picking, the bruising, the oozing sores, etc etc. I now pick, by using a comedone extractor on the HUGE ugly ***** things to a head that are driving me mad with pressure and even then I have someone watch me so I don't go overboard. I try not to even pick at the huge ones with a head but when you release them it feels SO MUCH BETTER so they are tempting. I have had such huge ones, my parents who paid for my therapy to stop picking wanted to pick at some of mine LOL. I also get such huge ones that ooze out on their own and the pus gets all over my face and those are hard not to pick too. So I leave everything else alone and if I CAN STOP TOTALLY NADA ZIP, then I have gotten better. I almost committed sucide with this disorder cause it caused so much anguish. Now at least I know that my horrible acne isn't caused by ME and my picking and I am doing the best thing anyone can do, leave them alone at all costs.

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