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I am so sick of rude, no-mannered people mentioning the fact that I have acne-as if I don't look in the mirror every morning when I wash my face?!

Anway, I work at ben and jerrys and one day some guy comes in to get ice cream. when I'm ringing him up at the register he motions at his face with his hand and says "what is this" and I imitate him motioning to my face and ask "what is this what" with an attitude and he does it again saying "what is these bumps" like he didnt know english too well and im just like acting like i dont know what he's tlaking about and shove his money in his hand like "here." I was so shocked that someone would be so freaking rude as to say that to me. As if my acne has a damn thing to do with him getting his ice cream! Next time ima cuss the dude out and say "I'd rather have these pimples with my face than your ugly face ANY day!" like vinny was sayin to do. I actually started crying afterwards and luckily my friend came in and told me to not let it get to me and that he probably aint got no d.ick so he criticizes others. what an a.sshole that guy was!

We all have faults. I don't ask the fat people that come into my shop "are you SURE you want 3 scoops. there are 20 grams of fat in just 1 scoop of our ice cream. I don't think so!

As for advice, I've gotten it ALL:
*pee on your cloth and clean your face with it
*wash your face with hot water, warm water, then cold water
*rub onion all over your face everyday
*rub lemon all over your face everyday

and so much more!
Let's all cuss back at rude people or have a good comeback. people suck!

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